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New Feature Round-Up
Grab bag of fun for the whole family!

There's been a few new features and some enhancements I've recently added which I thought might be of interest:

E-notes are now repairable with the right skills and tools. And ruin-able in the process if you are unlucky.

Engraving machines will now NEVER leave you without your item. Promise.

Paying your past due evictions amount doesn't screw you out the money, leaving you still evicted.

Two people trying to grapple the same target will no longer cause you to see double vision.

You must now be sitting in a vehicle to manipulate it's contents in any way.

Dragging someone who is in combat out of the room, or killing them in multi-combatant combat will no longer cause combat to become unstable.

Oh, and Super Happy Fun Land has gone over a week without a single game-breaking bug.

Questions and comments are welcome!


Oh yeah, and Chef's islands don't break on the shelves when you look at them, and don't leave you in an invalid state where you are still 'doing something' when you don't have the ingredients.

Super good... thank you for all the effort.

Very cool!