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New Motorcycle Descriptions
Now with color

Whatsup players! I rarely get to do this, so I'll admit I'm pretty stoked to get to do an announcement!

So, some of you may have noticed that all the motorcycles in-game have no color in their descriptions, for a long time I've wanted to make the time to fix this and update all their very old descriptions (from back in the days when Slither used to write them.) and get the colors working on them so bikes can be painted up like cars. It took longer than expected because it turns out we needed the coders help to get the colors to work properly.

Rather than just add a few sentences the build team decided it'd be fun to cyberpunk them all up a bit, you'll notice next time you look at your sweet ride that they have all new descriptions and can be taken to any local garage to be painted any of that massive list of car colors.

We can actually color bikes now?! WOOOOO.
Love this. Super glad my crappy descriptions are gone forever and bikes are more inline with cars in terms of what can be done for them. Bonus: more work for mechanic characters! Double bonus: I didn't even help with this and forgot it was happening.

Great job on this team!

Thanks Blinder! Super cool!
This is fantastic! GJ Blinder.