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New Places and Options
For all you chummers

So this post is going to cover a few things. �First, there are a few new places inside the city. �A store here, a parking lot there, an alley somewhere and rooftops everywhere.

It's been my goal for a long time now to open the city up on the Z-axis. �(east/west would be the X axis, north south would be the Y axis and up/down is the Z-axis). �Places the previously didn't have rooftops now do... this allows us to connect everything together on not just the ground level, but through the air as well.

You've seen my efforts (as well as J-mans) with jumping across rooftops, dynamic space when you jump off rooftops, paragliders to safely get you down or across without damage, �grappling hooks to climb up onto rooftops around you.

It is now possible to get to 99% of the places in the Mix (not including Bansupuro Park as that's separate) without touching a single street. �Regardless of where you are starting. �You will need tools for this though, of course. �You can get around pretty well with nothing. �Just jumping across and off roofs.. though this can be hazardous. �With a paraglider (and the piloting skill) you can get around even more. �And with a grappling hook you complete the set and open up the entire Mix.

A lot of places you can enter directly from the roof, but some you will need to jump/climb down to the street to get into.

I submit to you to try and find a place that you can't get to via rooftops now. �This means, somewhere you can't climb/jump from a rooftop and land directly in front of. �IE: You use a grappling hook off the Drome roof to climb down and walk into the Drome. �Go ahead. �Try. �If you do find somewhere I will be surprised.

New sport idea.  Two people with paragliders jump off from the area surrounding the WHJ and try to kill one another before they reach the streets of red.  Assuming combat works in midair.
I don't think it works actually.  But a fun sport would be to see who can get from one place to another the fastest.. Hmm.. perhaps I will organize a race ICly.
Finding an IC reason for this might be difficult, heheheh.

"The hell ya doin' on ma frackin' roof, bitch?"

"Outta the way! Aaaagh...!"

"Oh jesus chum, ya fuckin' lost ya mind. Oh man, it's bent... it's bent like a fuckin' saxomophone, ohhh man... the fuck... why'd ya go an' do that?! Ya frackin' lunatic!"

"GOD, IT WAS GOD! He TOLD me to jump off roofs, ohhhh MY FUCKING LEG!"

*I an I be right baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-*


The IC reason being that you want to be a bad ass who never touches the street!
I'd love to see a gang take over a section of rooftops.
I thought about that.  I really like the idea as well, the problem is movement.  There is no automated code to move NPCS from place to place via rooftops so they would mostly end up just standing around.. but its still a cool idea.