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New Store Additions

We have an unwritten rule that says after roughly 6 months from the point we introduce a new item to the game designed specifically for a perma-pad we add it to the economy.

Well, I haven't been doing that because it's never been a priority on my list of things to do, until tonight when I wanted to accomplish more than one line item in a single MOO sprint.

I will use this thread to announce future items I add as well.

New Additions for 5/4/2018

- Luxury Refrigerator

- Economy Refrigerator

- Yoga mats

- Shoe Racks

- Sword Display Racks

- Dart Boards

Use common sense and IC information to figure out where specific things would be sold.

Also, if you're aware of unique items in perma pads that aren't available for purchase elsewhere in the game, please make a @note or xhelp when you see me on and tell me what they are. I lose track.

This made me happy!! Thank you.

Sword display racks?!?! YES!
Finally, a place to keep my dildo.