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New WJF Tac-Comps
I didn't break the law, I AM THE LAW!

It's been a long time coming.  I've been talking about it with players and admin for years.  Finally, I sat down and spent about 12 straight hours recoding Tac-Comps from scratch.

The WJF Tac-Comp MK-2 has a variety of features.  All tac-comps have been upgraded.

Tac-comps now display a persons fines, licenses (gun, business, cyberware, etc) previous judgements (that were recorded) hangouts, aliases, warnings, recorded vehicle license plates, notes, hangouts, aliases, warrents and more.

You can add notes to a perp, you can, instead of entering a description, record an image of  a person, issue a warrent, record a judgement (judgements like: clone death, cryo, perma-death, banishment) which then clears a persons fines.. no more getting judged for fines twice..  

You can associate a vehicle with a perp..

We have updated the potential crimes you can charge someone with and those are listed when you scan someone.. the criems now include a huge list you can choose from..

You can see if fines are over due..

You can pretty much do ANYTHING you would imagine you should be able to do as a Judge.  Not only will this help admin that are puppeting judges, but it allows player Judges to be MUCH more effective.

Existing tac-comp features have all mostly been ported over.

However, there may be bugs so if you do use on, please @bug any issues.

Also, the previous crime database has not been ported over, it was not compatible at all.. so admin will be adding things records in for players that had previous records.

I'm very tired so I'm sure I'm forgetting things that the tac-comp can do.. it's got a lot of stuff.. I can't wait for some of you bakas to become judges!