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Newbies Must Enter
No more choice in the matter.

Just a quick note that new characters fresh from Character Generation and dumped on the path to the city will now be compelled to walk south into the city and not back into the badlands. While we would prefer to stick with our existing set of reasons why your character comes into the city (I won't detail them.), we're seeing too many potential new players ignoring the big red hints and bailing on us before they even get inside the gate.

Just part of our continuing effort to refine the process. :)

This is good, because when I first came here I was tempted to roll around out there and see if I could bypass the whole GIVE ME YOUR NAME thing at the gate.

Now they know it's not an option.

Oddly I wanted to bypass that whole thing with a character. Kept leaving the line at first.

That said, as a brand spanking new player at the time (to this game and MOO's in general), I'm glad I didn't.

There's so much to learn.

I second Slither's +1.

I will definitely attest that went right for the big gates like someone had pointed the way. For IC reasons was intimidated and hesitant to enter but OOC'ly as well. Was having second thoughts about how flaws, quirks and portrayal all would play out. Wanted to make sure I had the character figured out before encountering someone and fighting the details. Turns out the signs may help to guide to the city, But don't drag your feet.. The sun sets fast in the wastelands.. And a naked naive newbie.. Well.. Don't let your imagination Get the best of you. O.o
I did not notice anything make me enter the city, maybe it is a long timer.