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NLM TV Improvements
An ongoing process!

Not many of you have seen NLM TV Studios, the place that creates, records, and edits the television you see on a daily basis. It's a complex system, both ICly and OOCly.

Both Johnny and I have been putting work into improving it, over the years. It used to be basically an admin only thing, but now it can be run completely by players! Thank you to our NLM TV Players for all the hard work they do. Seriously, they are creating some awesome content that keeps us all entertained.

May I suggest analytics to determine how many tv's are set to the channel and perhaps incentivize NLM TV people with bonus' accordingly?
I would rather see non-automated processes for audience feedback, and so far it's pretty easy to tell what's popular and what isn't.
I like the idea of a ratings system. I feel like talented content producers often rely on PR people who don't have much skin in the game, or vice versa; having some kind of number to berate/praise stars/producers/PR with might be helpful. From a realism standpoint, I'm sure NLM has something like that anyway.
Great suggestions, I will keep this all in mind. A few thoughts, our game isn't large enough to merit a real rating system, and active viewers isn't fair since our players are geographically diverse. Reruns are key here. I do think it would be cool to have some metrics though.

I agree with the poster who said it's pretty easy to tell what's popular and generating buzz.