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No UE in Coffins for Non Newbies
Removing an area of abuse

In the past we've had issues with people making characters, going into the coffins and then idling in them for months gaining UE before we detected it and removed them (and their UE from the game).

I don't like monitoring this. I don't like seeing oldbies who were put in the coffins for safe keeping after a server issue, or after their rent ran out or after they were taking a break from the game, idling in coffins meant for new players, and getting UE.

I also don't want it to be subjective. So, the staff took a vote to block anyone who isn't a new player from getting UE while in the coffins. People who the coffins are designed for will get their UE (characters less than 2 weeks old). Characters older than this that were put in the coffins for some other reason will NOT get UE. They will instead see this message when they look from within the coffin:

Welcome to the choice of the disposable generation and home to the unwashed masses. Like a million other coffins you could sleep in, this is little more than a cramped crawl space just big enough to sit or lie in. At the head of the coffin is a tiny sink and faucet under a small, mirror fronted cabinet. Pale fluorescent light casts a sickly glow over the yellowed surfaces and questionable stains that cover the mattress. At the foot of the tube is a circular door crossed by a kick-plate marked 'OUT'.

[OOC: You are an older player and are in a sleeping coffin designed for new players. You were probably put here for safe keeping. You will NOT get UE while in this coffin. Leave it ASAP.]

-- S

To clarify this ONLY applies to CITY COFFINS. Not your workplace coffins, or other coffins designed for use by non-newbies. ONLY CITY COFFINS.

IE: Habitat-X, and Sleeping Coffins on Red by the gates.