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NPC Reactions to Dipping
Updated and expanded

Hey Everyone -

Thanks for all the feedback on NPCs & Ambient Population as related to stealing.

I have taken some steps to improve this system. It's still not perfect but I think it's a few steps in the right direction.

There are now a number of factors that are taken into account to decide what, if anything, an NPC will do if it sees a character stealing from another character. They are listed below in order of importance to the code which means that only one of these cases will ever trigger, and it checks them in the order listed below.

1. Does the NPC hate the thief? -> Notify with details

2. Does the NPC hate the victim? -> No Notify

3. Does the NPC hate both? -> FOIC

4. Does the NPC like the thief -> No notify

5. Does the NPC like the victim -> Notify with details

6. Does the NPC belong to any factions?

6A. Does the victim have a good enough rating with any of those factions to warrant a heads up? -> Notify with details

6B. Does the thief have a bad enough rating with any of those factions to warrant a fuck you by way of heads up to the victim? -> Notify with details

7. Are we on Red? -> No Notify

6. Are we not on Red? -> Notify without details

Based on this ordering, NPCs on Red will only be notifying people of thefts in faction/like situations.

It's still possible an NPC ally will tell a person you dip what happened, but that should only be happening in situations where they like both people involved.

I think this is much more themely over all. Thoughts?

Awesome. Does this include items or only chyen as NPCs have previously?
I love it! Step in a really really great direction!

Maybe also cover for extreme cases, where the NPC would actively call out faction NPCs to come and kick some ass, not just notify with details?

Em, npcs did notify on item thefts too.
Wow, this is awesome, I had no idea you could run that many checks on interactions like that. Thanks dude!
Is that new then? I remember complaints.
Can you add a chatter function so that gangers or whomever will talk shit about dips who get caught if someone asks around?
Whoa super cool! 👍
Fucking awesome.
+1 to Reefer's idea, that would be rad.
Huh, looks like the code that was supposed to be having NPCs alert on steal and not just pickpocket were broken. I didn't even realize. That's fixed.
Quick question, is that list at the top going to be applied differently if one or both parties are disguised? For example, if a thief is HATED, but is disguised, is the NPC going to treat them as hated? Or as a regular schmo? Similarly with a disguised victim as well?
Liking the look of this.
@floored that's a good call out. I've updated the code to respect disguise for all cases. However, this does mean there are edge cases where a player could be disguised in the midst of their faction and get pickpocketed and their faction members will not notify them because they are disguised. Nothing that can really be done about that, as we aren't tracking who saw you disguise up and if you left the room and all that at this point. Though that would be a good thing to add.
Great addition, thank you coderbus.
One of my previous chars last year tried to dip a non-dangerous looking NPC on Gold (i.e. more of a shopkeeper type of a civilian, not a judge), and he beat him to death. WTF. Could you at least turn @fatal off for these NPCs?
I assume they can't see through disguises?
Never mind I was too late.
@Oyvey I understand that would have been a rough situation to be in. However that sounds IC to me. You can't always know if someone is going to mess you up. That's purposeful.

Please try to keep your feedback constructivem by that I mean instead of WTFing and telling us what we should be doing instead without explaining why, ask why things are the way they are and pose an alternative with an explanation of why you think it should be that way. Thanks!

Slither knocking it out of the park once again. Rad stuff.

+1 to Reefer's chatter idea. This would 100% be something that would be good paydata. More paydata!

In referral to 'civvie' NPCs beating players up:

I do think it would be cool to be able to measure people up (with appropriate stat checks, of course, such as perception+int) because certain things are quite easy to tell about someone. Mainly strength, agility, charisma and endurance, and perhaps their intelligence if they've communicated with you enough? This could help with players (because players aren't really good sometimes with describing their characters in accordance to their stats (("beautiful" monas with below average charisma, I'm looking at you))) but especially NPCs. But then again, making NPCs a mystery may be intended for game balance. I just think it would be cool, even if it had a high stat requirement, allowing players to play analytical/strategic characters a little better.

If you want to learn how good someone is, try it on with them. Get smart. Automated checks are boring and it's way more fun to figure that out through RP.
Not related to this thread but a cyberware that performs tactical evaluations would be interesting.

So a character with insanely high perception and intelligence can't even begin to guess how agile someone is because that player described their character as a fat layabout? I'm all for RP, but we're denying an entire archetype... Why, exactly? So people can attack/stalk a character to see how good they are? That seems just as gamey, if not even more.

Not saying it should be perfect or anything, but being able separate the tough mano down the street from a veteran solo sounds entirely reasonable, especially for characters that invest in being able to do so.

A cyberware version seems cool, too.

@kroack @sly @vera

Please respect the initial thread topic and take these suggestions to their own thread. A 'size up' or 'evaluate' command have been discussed a number of times. Threads for it already exist. Find and revive 'em. Danke.