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Optional Voting Reminders
Feel free to turn them on!

@options vote

This will enable (or disable) periodic (every 6 hours) reminders to vote for Sindome on various voting websites. The message includes the links.

This is an opt in feature, it is disabled by default though upon login the fact that we offer the feature will be mentioned. The messages should hopefully not intrude too much on RP.

Please consider turning the reminders on if you would like to be reminded to vote.

This is not a substitute for the socials we currently have: xtms and xtmc and I really hope you guys continue to prompt people to vote using them. However, not everyone is on OOC Chat and people may want to get reminded to support the game in this way.

We see a LOT of our new players coming in from TMC and TMS and the higher we rank the more new players we get. So if you can, do your part!

-- S

So pleased that many of you are taking advantage of this. Please offer any feedback on this here. I am open to changing the time intervals and messaging based on feedback!