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Peer-to-peer vehicle peering!

You can now peer into vehicles from outside and see who's inside. This is a crude patch for now to fix a weird bug occurring when players called peer from outside a vehicle (it was only ever intended for use from inside, but I figured I'd make use of it from outside rather than just disable it.)

Ideally, in the future, it'll give a better description of the inside and we'll also add tinted window functionality to block peering in ...but not yet.

Yes, I'm aware it's currently possible to lean over and peer into a vehicle as it's blazing past at 100mph, no need to @bug that.

Also, when in the front of two room vehicles, you can 'peer back' to see who is in the back. Again, this is limited functionality that I will improve on. Peering from back to front is currently not supported...

You're better off peering from front to back anyway.