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Perk Tier Fix
Giving you your full perks!


We noticed a bug in how we were calling the perks code today. Basically, for rent, and taxis/limos, we were giving folks the TIER 1 perk. The way perks work is that you get them for your job, like, you might get 25% off your rent as a Junior NLM person, and 30% as a normal NLM person and 50% as a senior person.

The code was being called in a way that gave everyone the TIER 1 perk. It stayed hidden for so long because people -were- getting a perk, and not realizing it wasn't the full one. However, it came to light because some perks are part of your job but ONLY when you get to a certain tier (think NLM superstar getting access to the limo).

So, we are calling it correctly now and everything is great. You may notice your rent is cheaper, your taxi rides are cheaper, or you have access to a limo where you didn't before. No backsies on money spent on rent and such. We aren't going to backpay you for it. ICly you can treat it like some HR issue was finally resolved.