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Sunshine: the other white meat.

Some basic improvements to how plants work today. To start, everything is a lot more configurable now. This means the builders are able to create a larger variety of plants. The code for plants has been reviewed and rewritten so new kinds of plants can be made.

* Name changes with state of plant (growing, blossoming, dead, etc)

* Watering interval made configurable

* Growth interval made configurable

* Plant life time made configurable

* Configurable name terms (growing, blossoming, dead, etc)


* watering state evident in plant description.

* greenhouses remove the need to manually water (and provide shelter against the elements)

Sunlight is provided by the sun in the badlands or the fake sun inside the city. If its raining, there's no sun. If your window is tinted, there's no sun. If its in your car or on your person, its not getting sun. If its on your coffee table or shelf, it'll get whatever sun the room is getting like it should. It won't need sun all the time, but you won't get credit for sunlight it got yesterday if its 'time to grow' today.

Known Issue: It's possible to water a plant back to life right now. I intend to make this only work before the plant reaches the dead stage so you can bring back a plant you may have forgot to water if you catch it in time. But right now it works for all the dying stages. :-D

Neat. Is this part of some effort to put growable pot or something similar in the game? :D

Could actually have a bunch of other cool possibilities, even simple things like veggies. Would be quite the status symbol to have home grown apples to munch on or something similar.

You could already grow pot before... <.<
Finally! I can meticulously spend my time cultivating my houseplants.

And you can create those flavored pot plants too. ;)

(Maybe not really but might be interesting / fun to try)