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Recent Bug Fixes
SD Pest Control takes bug extermination seriously!

SHFL vending machines: They were broken by the update to vending machines, now they work again and properly restrict access to certain items.

Merchant overpayment at markets: If you haggled a vendor over the cap of 5000c when hawking an item, the seller would try to throw an item in to compensate for the price and still pay you the full price you haggled them up to! Now you can only haggle up to the maximum of 5000c with the possibility of an item thrown in and you don't get overpayed.

The wound errors, they burn! A range error was causing tracebacks when looking at someone with too many wounds. Fixed.

This is not the gridphone you are looking for. There was some skullduggery surrounding trying to look at an item on someone who had multiple instances of it. Now when there's an ambiguity you'll look at the first of the matching held items or the last marching visibly worn clothing.

It's a long way down... There was an issue with looking down from certain places. Turns out they were conspicuously matching 'down' as a keyword for the edge overlooking the void.

He's dead, Jim. Previously you could manage to put corpses on operating tables and patient gurneys, albeit with a TB. Not anymore, since it causes too many problems for a dead man that can't be helped anyway. You're a doctor, not a miracle worker.

Is that the Light? No, it's a traceback. Fixed an error where if you died before a script finished, it'd make a fuss about not being able to recycle, what with not existing anymore and everything.

Hey! Give me back my stuff! Or at least pay me! NPCs didn't give your crap back or didn't pay you because of the disguise update preventing them from targeting you properly. Sorry, Johnny, that's not "working as intended". ;) Now if you're disguised they give you your stuff back and they let you know why.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with "Forum Alias" No more seeing people's OOC aliases if they go to the Lounge while you're 'watching'.

Why can't I take a closer look at its parts? Because you can't. And now instead of spitting out an ugly error it tells you so. :)

I bet they didn't think of putting turrets INSIDE the tank... Sorry, no fighting in the recombination tank either. Now it behaves as normal instead of spazzing out at your weirdness.

Honorable Mentions for Non-Bugs!

I cloned but still have a clone?! You corpse cloned. It's not rocket surgery.

This painter has made an erroneous brush stroke! @typo it, not a @bug.

An exit I can't see? It's some kind of... PHANTOM EXIT?!? It's a hidden exit. Calm down, Hideo Kojima.

Excuse me sir, you must have made some mistake regarding my pay... Nope, what did you expect from someone buying shit on the street, baka? Find things for cheaper or sell to baka immies.

Kool, thanks for the bug fixes!

Ah, yes. Time to beat bakas in SHFL.

Nice work, admin!

When you see multiple bugs you reported being fixed.

"women are ugly" Har, har. Not anymore. The female analog of beautifying male attire now has the same stat buff.