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Roleplaying Advanced Event Schedule
weekly? Monthly?

So, not to name names, but some of the staff play on some 'Matrix Online' game. On this elseGame they give out a newsletter via eMail that alerts all the players to upcoming times for 'events' and gives a lose schedule of when things will be 'active' game wise.

So, Bixby, Jman, Kevlar and myself sort of have mulled this about, and are trying to figure out a way to deliver something similar to the Sindome Playerbase.

Basically, we would give date and time alerts for when something 'dome wide' is going to happen, without specific information of course. In addition we would alert people to when a 'story arc' is about to start or enter a new 'chapter'.

We are still working out the details, but we feel it will be a good way to pull players on during events that us GM staff have put effort into so that you all can enjoy it. It also lets you really busy people know when stuff onMOO is happening, so you can arrange to be on if you want.

The eLetter would go out to the whole sindome email data base and/or would be a non-postable notice under 'Announcements'.

What do you players think?

Sounds yummy. Just don't organize it too much. I mean...I don't wanna know when the CJ is taking a shit or anything. Unless of course I'm in the sewers...
Most likely it would be in the following format:

Sindome In Game Events Schedule

June - 2005!

Week 1

� Saturday June 4th 3:00PM DST - First Running of Saturday Night Fire Fight

Week 2

� Tuesday June 7th - The 'Seeker' story arc enters chapter three.

Week 3

� Tuesday June 14th - The 'Seeker' story arc enters chapter four.
� Saturday June 18th 3:00PM DST - Saturday Night Fire Fight.

Week 4

� Wednesday June 22nd 7:00PM DST - First Running of NLM Entertainment Weekly Broadcast.
� Friday June 25th - The 'Seeker' story arc enters chapter five.

Week 5

� Tuesday June 28th - The 'Leavetaking' story arc begins.
� Wednesday June 29th 7:00PM DST - NLM Entertainment Weekly Broadcast.

It would be something like that. Too much detail? Too little?

Thats perfect. Hooray Iga.
Looks good. Heh, I am so out of the story loop. Also, things are going to get very hectic with me during the summer time and moving around a lot so I doubt I'll have a computer.
Personally, I kind of like it, though..  I'm not so sure.  I feel odd about it.  Mixed emotions, I guess.

I haven't sat in on any of your talks, unfortunately..  But I'd certainly like to discuss things further with you guys.

I'm assuming we can still have other plots occuring that aren't announced MOO-wide, right?  Or have some that are occuring on a small-scale, and then once they're more well-known, then start placing them into the newsletter?

Just an idea..  for things that we want to maybe have start small and then get bigger.

I would hope so...
Of course, this is just for regular events and for major plot arcs that we have pre-planned.

There would be tonnes of stuff flying about between those events. They are not the be all and end all of activity on the moo. Just times when you know there are going to be a number of people on or about.

would the people who are involved in the story arcs know they were involved in them? cuase lets say sally hoohah is spose to be in the leavetaking story but she doesn't know it.. and she sees its going to happen but doesn't give two doo-doos, but you want to her to be there cuase its well about her... would they know they were to be involved in the leavetaking story arc? without telling them what its about and all... i mean...

am i making any sense?

Yeah. I... I'm not sure. I like the concept, but it might be tricky to implement while showing some respect to the ic/ooc shenanigans.

I think things like Fight Night, tv broadcasts, things that are scheduled and *will* only happen on those dates would be good (maybe this will also help the playerbase to come up with events that happen each week at a certain time, too).

However, I think things like story arcs and whatever, things that may well end up being fluid (players not being able to log on, "something happening" to a crucial character etc) would be notsogood.

Story arcs (for example), I feel are really scarily close to divulging IC information (also, who's going to tell you that this thing that happened is part of the XYZ story arc?). I mean, you're going about your daily business, logging on at a time when not many people are, do you really want to know that when you're asleep, the world is falling down around you and you can't do anything? Perhaps more importantly, do you want to know that when your character doesn't?

That said, I like the idea of it being email-based. It might prompt some of the players who haven't logged on in a while to come back.

I like the idea, and I think that the letting players know about the schedual thang is a good idea.  I know from past experiance that things like major plot arcs and broadcasts for stuff are basicly KNOWN ICly (unless its not supposed to be), by the major people involved before hand.  As an example, when a specific character was going to be executed live on TV, there was ALOT of people on, because it was known ICly.

A reminder of when that would be, OOCly is great, because things get garbled, and a reminder that maybe signing on around a certain time might be a good idea, could help motivate the not so often on players to get on and see what they have been missing.

I like the idea as well, though I have never knowingly been involved in a 'plot arc' and I don't really understand the concept - it almost makes me feel like SD is more of a book than a living, breathing existance (which it really is).

I wonder if there is another wording that could be used..."The 'Seeker' story arc enters chapter three" just doesn't sound right to me, but I guess I don't really understand what that means.

I understand how from a GM perspective this all makes sense (plot-lines and whatnot), but I would rather see something that (1) has more meaning to me, but (2) is presented in a more IC way.

So things like "First Running of Saturday Night Fire Fight" and "First Running of NLM Entertainment" look great and make sense to me ICly, but the "story arc" bits hold no meaning for me whatsoever.  And that may be part of the design if you aren't involved in the story, but it makes me want to ask "What's the seeker story arc" on the SIC (although I certainly will not, of course).

Does this make sense?  The story stuff I'm not invovled in makes me curious about something that I should probably not know anything about.

All in all, great idea, but it should either be kept completely global (only include events that involve everyone), or should be customized to each player so they can see what involves them.

I didn't think it would work well on MxO, but it did. I think it would work wonders here. Let's do it.
So what do you all think of the RP Schedule?
Looks, good, and I want to extend a HUGE thanks for not planning stuff on the weekend. I, for one, travel on the weekends to see my fiancee or she comes to me, either way she doesn't let me play much when we're togethor SOo I dont get much dome time from thursday night until sunday night.  So Thank you for not putting anything TOO huge on those nights, though I hate i'll miss SNFF this weekend :(  

Can I read someone's log? *snickers* *hides*

I actually wish more was done on weekends; I would think by and large that's when more people are going to have more time / energy to invest in a good MOO session. During the week it's job stuff, school/homework stuff for some, etc. But we get enough time ahead with this that I'm sure most can make the time if they want to make the event. Not necessarily though. Job is going to interfere for me a lot.
The way I see it most people aren't going to be availible to get on for ALL of the schedualed RP events, the same way you wouldn't be able to get on for all of them now.

But with the schedual atleast you won't accidentaly miss -all- of the big stuff.

It should be really helpful for people in different time zones as well. Weekends seem pretty slow, until later at night when everyone gets back plastered and goes to the computer.
Weekends for me are pretty good for RP, because I can be online earlier - some time before midnight DST, anyway.

(An example of how wonderful Central Australian timezone is: SNFF this week is on at 7:30am Sunday, my time.)

But yeah, even taking timezones into account, I do like the schedule. It means I can organise other parts of my life as well (oh, c'mon, I'm not the only one).

I can also see ways this can expand, too.

Any reason on why you decided to just go with the post and not with an email (or both, which would be my preference)?

I am lie a lot of people and am out of the loop story wise and this owuld be a great time for people like me(I am sure there are others) or even newbies to come and make friends and allies and enemies and essentially RP.
I dunno, yet I'm skeptical...I don't get too many chances to do alot of heavy RP, which I like.  Yet I think that, like previously stated, announcing story arc times would be alittle different.  I mean that if you announced that next week chapter 4 starts.....maybe something happens before that time gets here to one or more of the main characters.  I think there are too many possibilities to consider in which announcing before hand could work against you.  But hey who I am to say anything, lol.  All seriousness though you guys have done an excellent job thus far and if you can make it work then great....


My schedule virtually revolved around the moo. So uh...yeah. Regardless, I wouldn't sweat being MIA. Reruns are killer, and so is hearing the exaggerated version from the drunk guy next to you.
All the media events will be recorded, scripted, and re-run until you are sick of them.


And then they will be relegated to the back woods NLM channels for perpetual syndication.

And of course they could be made available on some kind of format and sold for TV's/other players for playback :) it's nearly the end of June.

Do we get an advanced player schedule for July? I have a whole month away from my place of learning - I wanna know what's going on!

What's the feeling on the schedule now, after a month of it being there? Too much information? Not enough?

Allowing that I wasn't around for all of it, I feel that it was stuck to pretty well for the first part of the month but that people lost interest by the second. One way around this could be to have a fortnightly schedule, rather than monthly, perhaps? Keeps things fresh and means that people aren't standing around the day before a scheduled event asking "Is Activity X going to be on tomorrow night?" (Hello, SNFF#2).

(Sidenote: it's also interesting looking back at this thread and wondering if the plot arcs played out as they were supposed to...)

I noticed you guys did this for June.  Of course, I wasn't around.  Are you going to continue doing this.  It would be nice, since with school starting soon, I won't have as much time to be on and this way I could get the most out of it.
From what I gathered, I think they plan on it but lately everyone's been pretty busy with RL issues and what not.
Hit the nail on the head, RM.  Things have been rather hectic back here as of late, and are about to get moreso for some of us as school starts up again.  For me anyway.  Iga and Bixby I believe are both settled in as of now, and have both been on SD much more frequently than before...  so maybe they can stick it out.  Not sure what's up with Jinx..  he was going pretty strong for a while but seems to be signing on less lately..  perhaps busy with life, I suppose.

Anyway, we're still here..  hopefully things are still interesting out there..  right?

<---is awaiting the re-runs. grrrr.

Kinda sucks though how SNFF only happend like what? Twice? Bummer.

I think it will be back.  As far as I'm concerned it was a definite success.  But I personaly think it should be less often.  Once a month, maybe.

I'd like to see a player or two get involved in the pre-show type thing.  Have them go around and interview the contestents.. It would be great to show some interviews throughout the month of the contestents talking a whole bunch of shit!  It would build it up alot, and give the TV something to do besides play ads.  

I'm really a big fan of there being a random rerun of something every hour or so.. just to have something to watch..

SNFF = Once a month for sure. Twice a month was a bit hard for us to pull off. If the need grows, it will be on more.

As to the RP Update deal, It will be about, just putting one together for September over the weekend.

And thanks for the patience, that's the best part about the SD players. You guys show up and do shit a lot of the time even if the staff are not about to facilitate action.

Besides, geting shot at by snipers is just a bonus to the everyday occurances.


Yeah yeah Iga you suck for losing the logs, blahdiblah.

But you rock for posting another schedule, as barebones as this one is (lots of room to move and breathe and such).

...if a player had a logfile of SNFF as it was broadcast, would that be any use to you? It'd obviously need editing to remove stuff that wasn't happening on the screen, but... the basic info would still be there, right?

&yay SNFF being on at a time that means I can wake up at a 'reasonable' hour on a Sunday.
...just hope I can manage to be around on Thursdays (ie: Wednesday evening Withmore time)... but at this stage it seems unlikely.

Very excited about NLM 'Surviving'. Any plans on deadline/date or commencement? Or how long of an event? Every night for a week is doable, but for a month? Pushing it...
All this info will need to be obtained IC as well, but I'm asking here just for OOC planning purposes.
Here's hoping you don't start without me...

Missed you all
Chaos, I didn't forget to get you something from Panama! But I might have to hold it for ransom until I see you next. And no, it's not an STD.

We'll be doing as many large scale RP events as possible in the future.