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Everything you need and more

So anything that should have a scope.. Like say a sniper rifle, telescope, or binoculars (all of which are in game) can now be aimed off of roof and platform edges.  What does this mean?  Well when you are aiming, you will see the room you're aiming at just like you were in it.  You won't -hear- anything, but you'll see people coming in, leaving, etc.

Good for lookouts!

Look up!

You'll see the roofs overhead and if you're perceptive enough, the sniper sitting up there waiting to pop your head like a zit.

Will it be possible to aim across buildings rather then just off edges?

Sniper battles?

Yesh....the power and the glory of sniper battles. :sniper:

Is there a particular reason why you cant hide and aim at the same time? No clandestine observation?

aim is used to 'prepare for combat'. You 'aim at <someone>' in the same room as you and you make it more difficult for them to just slip away.

It's one of the tools you use to RP before you attack someone.

As such, you can't hide while doing this to prevent you from abusing it, which some people did. :)

Ok, but a lookout wouldn't be preparing for combat right? I mean a lookout would try and remain hidden and observe whats going on, and the only way to watch another room is to use 'aim'... Perhaps it should use another verb?

We considered it, but we decided it was fine as in this configuration to help balance the power of such a position.

Sniping shots should now more properly present themselves as sources of audio, sounding different and sometimes not even being heard.

Sometimes, you're going to need to be watching someone to even see them get hit. Sometimes you're gonna get sprayed with blood and brain matter.


Leaps and bounds, verry cool

Very nice! Now I won't even know when I've been shot!