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Sindome now support 256 Colors
...but your client might not

Hey Everyone!

After several months of work by Johnny and I we have rolled out xterm256 color support into the MOO and the web client.


The webclient requires no configuration. Your colors should just work. If you notice weirdness with colors, let us know on here or on xhelp. We're still tweaking and expect some wonkiness here and there. Screenshots definitely help. If you're going to post them on here, make sure they don't have IC info, if you can't manage that email them to [email protected] with your browser and OS.


For those of you using VMOO or older gaming clients, your clients may only support the colors we previously used, which are ANSI. That's OK. We've wrote fallback support for every one of the 256 colors. That means you can: @ansi ansi and go back to the old colors. You will miss out on the colory goodness but if we are saying something is REDBLOOD, you'll just get red. NBD.

You can also @ansi off to disable colors all the way, which was already an existing feature.


You can view all the pretty colors with @256-colors.


Instead of colorizing the text when we ask for a color, we use color codes which can be modified or stripped out whenever we want. This gives us finer grained control over the color, and also lets us do the fallback support more intuitively. This required we rewrite some core verbs that format text so if you see issues with formatting, please let us know on this thread or in an @bug.


Well, we aren't actually done with the changes. We've activated 256 colors, and updated a lot of the code that was using the old style code-- but there are still plenty of places in the MOO that are still using the old color codes-- stuff hard coded into room descriptions and recorded content and photos. We're going to be slowly migrating these to our new style of colors. When we are done we will remove the old hacky code and the MOO will run faster and be healthier.

We also plan to roll out these new colors in different places in the game over time, all those tailoring colors you've been working with that were just different names for 'red' will actually be different colors at some point in the future!

This was a giant, huge, project, one of the biggest and most complex we've done due to all the systems and code it touched. Thanks to Johnny for working with me many full weekend days to get this up and running! Thanks to the rest of the staff for stepping up when Johnny and I were in developer land for days on end. And thank you all for working with us as we resolve some of the lingering issues with supporting these new colors and revamping this entire color system from the ground up.

LnA's about to get more interesting.
If you're using the webclient, you should automatically have 256 color support. You can clear your cache and refresh your browser window to ensure you have the recent changes that enabled 256 color support.

@ansi ansi will not have an effect if you are using the webclient.

Please take screenshots and mail them to [email protected] if you have specific problems.

We are going to reevaluate what is what color in the coming weeks, so let us know if things have become unreadable for you, we may not have the same point of view as you and your insight could be valuable.

display terminals displaying color codes should be resolved now
Awesome job you bastards!
This is amazing! Will we be able to dye objects/clothing/whatever a larger range of colours now?
Works of Art now support almost all 256 colors. You do this by specifying the color by number. Use @256-colors to inform you as to what the numbers of the colors are for this. Like before where you used %red, %yellow, etc, you do %(169) and you get RedHotPink color.

Only 3 colors won't work, %(0) Black, %(232) GreyAlmostBlack and %(16) BlackGrey are turned into normal text instead of blacking out the text.


@options troom, @options proom and @options tover will now reference @256-colors. You can't use Black colors or Any of the darker blues.

Basically, if the Blue doesn't have the word 'Light', 'Bright' or 'Brilliant' in its name, it will show up for non-256 users as the dark blue thats hard to see, so these blues are restricted now.

@options tover and try RedHotPink today!

So dope. For real.
We forgot to account for the @wrap command, so until I get that fixed, turn @wrap off (your client will probably do it for you anyway). Thanks!
This is awesome! I stood outside the Drome and watched the sign flick on and off for way longer than I should have.
We've fixed how we were doing the usual bright colors, so you may see some tweaks in colors of things today.

Webclient users are advised to refresh their client to pick up all the latest changes including two complete new color schemes available in the options as 'Privileged Class' and 'Office Documents' and via the command line option toggle as '@client-option cl corpie' and '@client-option cl snow'.

Privileged Class, inspired by the life of wage slaves and topside elites is full of over bright pastels on a very dark navy blue background. It's a great new thematic color scheme meant to contrast with the Dystopia is Pretty scheme's dirty, mixer / badlands vibe.

Office Documents is a black text on white interface, including the input panel. Its quite readable in the appropriate lighting and could more easily get lost among your work windows if you check in from the office.

Remember, you can save this preference in your browser via the Options button before you connect and your browser address can be bookmarked when you're in the client with all options in the url.

Your clothing, whether tailored or store bought, should be reflecting 256 colors now.

Great jobs Johnny, Slither, and anyone else involved. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to improvement.

Thank you!

Spraypaint will start to show up in new colors and all existing graffiti should be reflecting the new colors for painting things. You can preview these colors with @colors paint.

Vehicles have been recolored for 256. Use @colors vehicle to preview these colors.

Hair color options have been updated for 256. Use @colors hair to preview these colors. Note that you need to redo your hair style via a hair styling device for this to show up.

Wrap is fixed per my post in the improvements thread. If you see issues with it please flag to me.
The new makeup colors are amazing!