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Sniping for Everyone!
You don't need a rifle anymore...

Well Hallo.

Sniper rifles used to work on their own independent system that had more too do with the way combat worked 5 years ago then it does now.

They have now been brought back into the fold, and incorporate the newer aspects of the combat system!

On top of that, at this moment, ALL guns are capable of shooting off of a rooftop!

We have given each gun in the game an effective range.  Hand guns effective range are usually 1, meaning that they are only optimal in the same room.

Now, what this means for rooftop shooting is that the further away you are, the harder it is to hit someone, and if you do hit them, the less damage you will do.

Weapons mods can have positive or negative effects on the accuracy of your guns.  A scope will help you aim in general and definitely at longer ranges, just as a barrel extension will make your shots more accurate as will a trusight enhancement.  Barrel shortening has the opposite effect, making you less accurate.  

Take these things into account!  Go to your nearest weapons modifier and get them to hook you up!

Also, start thinking tactically.  Widdle your enemies down before engaging them directly, or have tactical support on rooftops watching your back!

What about lasers on top of pistols? Would that help increase your accuracy, not as much as a scope but by a tiny bit? Or what does the Laser do?

Laser equal point and click shooting! But that would give your would-be victum a bit more notice.

Bill "Hey Ted, what's that dot on your forehead?"
Ted reaches up to touch his forehead seconds before it splatters onto the wall behind him.

So it would increase your aim but just not from afar... I think i get it.

Pistols are typically only good at up to 50meters anyways, lazer or not.

potshots are cool though.

We won't be adding lasers. They went out of fashion expressly because your target could see the red dot. Trusight is basically the same thing, only its done via a computer determining where exactly your round will end up if you fire at any given moment and a heads-up display (goggles or ware) conveying this information over what you see.

Have you guys considered making it possible to aim across rooftop edges? It'd be really sweet to have sniper battles.

Does weapon range have anything to do with that annoying "you can't get close enough to wrest that object from  / attack person X" message?

That distance thing was setup because I guess you're supposed to assume the person isn't standing still while shooting at you, and is moving around to avoid your approach. Which makes sense, since we cant' take cover and fire over objects within the same time at melee people and totally make them obsolete.