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Space.. The Final Frontier
To Bodly Go Where No Mixer (or Corpie) has Gone Before!

Space and more specifically Space Stations are now accessible ICly.  Info on how to get there is available on the IC Grid.
Sweet.  Now I have to make a new character.
I wish this had been around when Johns was around, damnit!
It's pretty cool, cant wait until the rest of the station opens up.
We're still fleshing it out.  We opened it up to players so that we could have some RP up there that would help us flesh out the characters, etc, that you find on the station.
Wouldn't it be cool if....
There was something wrong with Withmore, or maybe RED level, and everyone had to get evacuated to the space station?
Because right now, having one person go up their by themself is simply not effective enough for RP purposes. They might have their own IC justifications for going but, let's be honest, 90% of the motivation comes from the player wanting to see what's up there. And they probably don't find much reason to ever want to go back.
Except maybe to import Space Rum!
I like this idea. I like it a lot, in fact. That, or any other plot-thing that would make people make a trip beyond the ozone layer would definetly make things interesting (and actually make those unused areas worth something!).

...Even if it is only because I hope to be able to screw something up in the station and get it plummeting down to Earth....Johnny

That all sounds way cool! I wish I was in a position ICly to really dig into all this new stuff and mess with it. I'm sure that the pilot-types and the more daring will have a blast.

This is the code changes for docking ships in space. It works now. :)
Holy moly...that's a lotta computer jargon! I can't wait to see it all in action. Thanks!
Damn, Johnny has an epic workstation, and puts in a lot of work for the game.
A step towards a Mars Dome maybe?

I've always fancied seeing Olympus Mons in early Spring :)