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Sports Betting
Lay down some bets yo

So, after a long time of not doing it, I decided that since Deathball has been around for awhile and none of you show any interest in it at all..

The problem was that you couldn't make (and lose) great deals of money on it!

So.  Sports Betting is now in game.  The Drome as many of you know, has always had a sports betting area that didn't do anything.  It now does.  

You can walk up to Hookie (or another sports betting NPC that you might encounter since the code supports many) and tell him you want to place a bet.

He'll ask what team, you tell him and then tell him your bet.

Each NPC that we setup (Just Hookie right now) will have there own minimum and max bets that they will take.

You can only bet on the same team once a week, though you can place more then one bet if it's on a different team.

Keep in mind that channel 666 on your TV gives the weekly breakdown of who's playign to give you an idea of who you might want to bet on.  A smart person could get the hang of deathball and make some good money, though nothing on Sindome, as in life, is a sure thing.

You'll need the money up front to place a bet.

The Deathball games are placed once a week.  The SIC also lets you know who's playing from time to time.