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Stripping Corpses of Gear
Changes to how this works moving forward


In the past, you have been able to 'get all from corpse' with no need to strip items from the corpse. This is done for two reasons:

1. because stripping items is annoying and time consuming in an unfun way

2. having to manually 'get' each item is annoying and time consuming in an unfun way

There is a problem with this though, and that is that it is easy to ghost someone and strip their body in 5 seconds, before their backup can arrive. This seems unthemely to me, and makes reactions to sneak attacks much harder.

It isn't just sneak attacks though, it's any time. The middle of gang fights or judge battles, people can start stripping bodies without even needing to know what is on a corpse, and then get away before reinforcements arrive.

While I think this is acceptable to some degree, I don't think it should be as fast or as easy as it is now. At the same time, I don't want to make it an annoyance to strip a corpse of it's gear in situations where how quickly you are able to do it, doesn't matter (like, the battle is over, you have won, and no backup is coming to kill you).

It's very hard to determine these situations organically so I'm not attempting to do it. Moving forward the solution and the changes are this:

1. When someone is killed, a timer begins.

2. For a bit of time (I am not saying how long, but it isn't super long, less than half an hour) you cannot 'get all from corpse'. If you attempt it you will get a message saying you can't do that yet because rigor mortis hasn't set in. The assumption in a hand wavy fashion being once the rigor mortis has set it you can more easily strip a corpse quickly.

3. 'get item from corpse' will continue to work as it does now.

So basically, you can't fast loot a corpse for a short period of time after the person was killed. This means if you want the loot fast, you will have to frisk, find out the items, and get them individually. Or you will have to do your homework and know what they have on them so you can quickly type out the commands before their backup or the Judges or whatever, arrive. Or you attempt to drag the body off, meaning you are visible and open to being seen or attacked. No more fast killing, fast looting, and fast stealthing away before someone can walk 5 rooms to see what is going on, only to find a stripped dead corpse.

There is ONE exception to this new rule and that is doing 'get all from corpse' in the room where you might be trying to corpse clone someone, or if you clone and someone has left your body for you to loot. At that point, the timer won't matter and you'll be able to do it.

This is a good change, but if the timer feels too long, maybe a "you can't loot this corpse until you frisk it first" message might be a good compromise. Because you can't get all if you don't know what to get right?

Sorry if commenting here isn't appropriate, I didn't think it deserved starting a new thread.

>Pick corpse up


>Sneak (Direction)

This is no longer possible. See Bug Fix thread for details.