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Tailoring Materials, Names & Layers
changes to support recent armor fixes

Now that we've got armor with proper thickness to prevent stacking, we needed to figure out how we were going to let you wear some things over armor and not others. Significant discussion amongst the staff and community input made some objectives clear:

* the solution needed to be flexible for numerous kinds of uses

* the staff did not want the job of actively policing or approving uses

* we needed to understand the scale of the issue better

This all pointed to an audit. So, Linekin and myself, we sat down with a big spreadsheet of all 1900+ custom created clothing items and judged them by some key attributes, one of which was their names.

This let us identify some key groups:

* fake disguises & weapons

* not containers

* musical instruments

* jewelry

* things that sound functional

* expensive things made from cheap materials (lace and leather made from cotton being the biggest offenders)

* clothing used instead of paper products

* body parts (!)

* items that would make sense worn over 'thick' clothing items

Looking at the various groups, it became obvious that we could drive the setting of items as wearable over armor and thick items by the naming of the items pretty successfully. While I'm sure there will be edge cases, this immediately lets us put you in control of fixing the items you can't fit over stuff right now.

So how do you fix your stuff? Use the standard tailoring commands. @name, @check, @finalize will block bad words (like shroud and bag) and recognize words that indicate it should be wearable over thick items.

Wearable over Thick Items:

tie, coat, labcoat, topcoat, overcoat, longcoat, greatcoat, browncoat, trenchcoat, jacket, trench, boots, cane, umbrella, robe, blindfold, bikini, habit, muumuu, hawaiian, bolero, apron, scrubs, shawl, scarf, bathrobe, armband, necktie, obi, cummerbund, belt, duster, veil, parka and balaclava

Words No Longer Allowed in Tailored Names:

hooded, hoodie, poncho, shroud, XO5, x05, ecogear, WJF, protek, tactical, guitar, photo, photograph, enforcer, ledger, notebook, catalog, mask, hygienic, bag, satchel, container, backpack, ski-mask, wingsuit, illuminated, armguards, armguard, legguards, legguard, kevlar, du-wear, nexus, stick, staff and protective

We're also going to set some default thickness values for the various kinds of materials, so you may find custom tailored items in materials like wool or leather wanting to be layered above lesser armor.


So how do you fix your stuff? Use the standard tailoring commands. @name, @check, @finalize will block bad words (like shroud and bag) and recognize words that indicate it should be wearable over thick items.

Could necklace/bracelet be added to the list of items wearable over thick items?

not until all the gold, rubys, diamonds and other jewelry made out of cotton is dealt with.

Can Cape / Cloak / Blanket be on the okay list? Just in case we're too lazy to sew on sleeves or think we're batman? (Or are a hobo in a bedsheet who actually is batman..)

A cloak is a disguising item and its inappropriate to create custom items that could be confused for something that provides functionality like disguising.

This includes hoodies, cloaks, masks, shrouds and probably a few others I'm forgetting. :)

If something custom made by in-game tailors will not fit over your armor, the item must be re-tailored (@finalize) in order to flag it appropriately. Its not something the staff can fix for you. Seek the IC services of the tailors you know or leverage your own skills for the same. Note that if your skills suck, the value of the item is likely to plummet.

Wait, are you telling me corporates (or a creative stripper dressing in belly dancer theme) can not have something like this made to wear over their silk dresses when they go out to dinner or a fundraiser? Honest question. (just now seeing post)

Hood part not up in the design of course so head and chest or leg/legs are seen.

A corpie would be perfectly fine covering their expensive clothing with a long jacket, pea coat, trench coat. Same with a belly dancer. And, now trenches have colors, one to match every outfit? Hooded cloak not required.

Call it a "robe" (permitted name) and use the description thoughtfully so that it looks the way you want.

I'm telling everyone, regardless of IC status in game, not to make clothing items named like functional clothing items. Doing so is OOCly misleading to other players and -you- can not guarantee that they won't come into possession of the item.

I haven't finished locking down what you can/can't name items as yet, there are more important matters I'm currently dealing with. I will return to this shortly I hope. :)

My misunderstanding of what I read.

It is that you can't name the clothing that item name. It's not that you can't have a long shawl/robe whatever that covers your shoulders, arms body and legs.

Thanks Vetra. And thanks Johnny.

Custom clothing value is now affected by the kind of material its made out of. This calculation is dynamic based on the current value of the material. Its not determined when you finalize an item!

This means that all clothing made from something besides synthetic cotton has an increase in its value. This has added about 2 million in chyen to your pockets.

Sorry to bump this old thread, but what about overalls and/or coveralls being part of the 'wearable over thick items' list?

Scrubs are flagged as such, I'd think overalls would be too. Or jumpsuits?