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Take Drugs to stop Drug Withdrawals
Take a hit of the drug you're withdrawing from...

As of now, if you begin to withdraw from a drug you'll see the message about having a craving for a drug when the drug withdrawal script starts instead of when it finishes.

If you take a hit of the drug at any point during the withdrawal experience it will cancel the withdrawal right away.

This is an important update that I think will make people consume drugs more often, and not have to suffer the effects of a drug withdrawal. It also makes a lot more IC sense that you can straight up do the drug to stop the withdrawals.

This was a long time coming, thanks to everyone who suggested this idea recently and over the years.

Awesome! This makes so much more sense now, and operates more like real withdrawls. Being able to head all of that off with a quick rip is perfect. This and the other drug changes are great!