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Tasty Alcohol
Taste my burn!

We have updated alcohol to now include a taste message; just like when you taste food or regular drinks and get told what it tastes like. Now, we need your help to write all the messages for the new tastes. Below are the current drinks of Withmore and some of them also show their ingredients, some don't. You can submit your message ideas here on the forum. Please let me know what drink you're doing it for and don't worry if you think it's bad, we might still be able to use it. Thanks!

-Atlas the Builder

An example message might be:

You feel the distinct burn of overpowering vodka and the taste of old lemon peels.


tequila, lime juice and triple sec with salted rim





Crimson Death

black licorice cola, vodka, raspberry syrup

Depth Charge

beer with whiskey shooter

Guinness Draft

Withmore Car Bomb

absinthe, grenadine syrup, sugar

Shot of Antifreeze

super strong vodka, possibly ethicol, go wild

White Russian

vodka, kahlua, cream


Red Wine



Whiskey Sour

Osakasama Beer


Suicide Bomber

cheap liquor in different colors with what look to be glass chunks in it

Irish creme






Cinnamon Kiss

Goldschlager and Rumplemintz

Brain Scorcher

pepper infused vodka and gunpowder

Zen Milk Bath

sake, vanilla vodka, almond milk

Brain Scorcher:

The drink lights a fire on your tastebuds from the pepper infusion as the gritty metallic tang of gun powder scrapes over them.

Hey folks, not sure if you saw this post so I'm giving it a bump. We want you to write a sentence how your favorite drink tastes. Drop us a reply.

It tastes like shit and scorches your throat as it burns a new passage to your gullet.

It's not alcohol but Johhny did write favorite drink. ;)

Earl gray tea:

The earl gray tea is warm, with the strong flavours of bergamont, black tea and dried lavendar. The flavour of bergamont suffuses your pallet taking ownership of the full range of flavours in the warm drink.

Smartass, I know.

But Red Wine/ Merlot:

no taste option and no taste in the description:

You swirl the contents of your wine glass, savoring the scent before you take a small sip of your glass of Merlot.

Champagne - Bubbles tickle your nose as the fruity tartness of pears and apples teases your pallet.

Lager - You savor the malt sweetness of strong ale mixing with the undertones of burnt caramel.

Guinness - The signature acidic tang of burnt barley makes your mouth water before being teased by a stout creaminess.

White russian - The sweetness of coffee and cream deceptively masks the faint earthy undertones of vodka.

brandy - You taste the subtle woodsiness of oak before savoring the sweet fruitiness of fermented grapes.

I'm not much of a drinker (at all) myself, but here are some of my attempts.

Beer - A mixture of the heady, somewhat bitter taste of hops, and the smokey taste of malt fills your mouth as the beer flows smoothly down your throat.

Osakasama Beer – An army of flavors assault your senses, as nearly every taste you can imagine mix together on your tongue before the Osakasama Beer fizzes its way down your throat.

Brain Scorcher – Fire burns down your throat, and a strange tingle seems to work its way up your neck to encompass your entire brain.

Red Wine – A sweet, rich, and somewhat dry taste fills your mouth as the red wine swirls over your tongue.

Vodka – You taste nothing in particular as a fire rushes down your throat, attempting to make your eyes water.

Moonshine – There is a slight woody taste to the burning sensation that rides down your throat.

Cheap liquor in defferent colors with what look to be glass chunks in it – Almost pure alcohol burns away at your mouth, and swallowing seems to leave small cuts in your throat as the glass passes down it. What were you thinking again?

Champagne – Light and sophisticated, the Champagne bubbles its way over your tongue and down your through, tingling and tickling the whole way down.

Lager – It's like drinking a freshly baked loaf of bread as the Lager washes over your tongue, leaving a sweet after taste as it goes down smooth.

Sake – An unusual flavor that vaguely hints of rice is left in the Sake's wake, along with a light burning sensation.