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Things that make you go ... BOOM!
hmm, I wonder what this is about.

Explosives were a hole. Now they're not as much of a hole.

There are now a few different classes of explosives:
- molotov cocktails
- pipe bombs
- grenades
- ethicol timebombs

We already had grenades, and if you were skilled, you could rig them across doorways. Well, now skilled people can create these things (just no homemade grenades yet) from other things. Varying degrees of skill and components are needed to create. The clues are present in the game if you're skilled and you examine or inspect the right items.

Molotov Cocktail

A glass bottle with something highly flammable inside. You light a wick and toss it and you have a quick fire!

Pipe Bombs

A poor man's grenade. Light the fuse and throw it for a quick BANG.

Ethicol Timebomb

Powerful fuel-based explosive device with a countdown timer. This device can be rigged across doorways as well.

Note that these are always considered illegal contraband in Withmore City.

Does utilizing said items also require explosives skills?