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Town Hall Code Updates
A bit less work for the admin, a bit more info for you

Hey Everyone -

Before each town hall I try to update our processes a little bit more, to make it easier for the admin and more informative for you! This year I've added a bit more code.


You will now be able to 'look speaking' and see the following information:

The Town Hall Speaking Queue.

Current Topic: The Divide

In the queue: Seven and Bob

The speaking queue is open. You may 'join speaking'.


It will show a different message if the queue is closed, letting you know.


When you connect during the town hall an admin pings you on xhelp to let you know the town hall is ongoing and they give you the info you need (agenda, spotify playlist, current topic). This was taking GM focus away from the discussion. I've automated this so when you connect during the town hall it gives you all this information automatically.

I've also got a special guest message for the guests.


We also have admin monitoring when folks haven't joined the town hall and pinging them. This has also been automated, as a scan will run every five minutes that tells anyone not in the town hall that it is on going, and how to join and also that RP is suspended. It'll let the GMs know who it notified in case they need to coffin people to remove them from the game world if they aren't listening.


I can now 'switch topics' with the speaking queue and it will notify everyone that a new topic is awaiting discussion. This is how we are able to automate the messaging on connect, and when you look at the speaking queue.


All in all I think this will help smooth the process out a bit! Can't wait to see you all on Saturday!

-- S