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Voice, Accent, Drawl, Tone
describe your @voice better

Small QoL improvement I saw in the shower this morning:

Accent, Tone, Drawl, Voice, Rasp and Cadence are now valid ways to end your voice's description.

Say things in heavy French accents, say things with a slow southern drawl, an disturbing arrhythmic cadence or an ominous tone!

Go nuts!

This is aces! Usage instructions for it?

"@voice me is low growling" seems to still set "speaking English in a low growling voice", there isn't a prompt for what to end with.

"Growling" isn't one of the words Johnny listed.

The way it works is, if you end your @voice message with one of those words, "voice" will not appear.

So you can *speak English, with an English accent" and not be forced to write "an English accented voice" due to the automatic appending of the word "voice."

Thank you for this!!!
Got it! I was expecting a prompt like: choose whether this is a "low growling" 1) rasp, 2) tone, or 3) voice. But I see how it works now:

@voice me is low growling rasp