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Weapon Fixes
we're expanding shit

Hi, just a heads up. The development team is doing a bunch of things with weapons in the game. Starting with all the bladed weapons, then going into blunts and next towards an overall balancing of them all (including firearms).

So expect new attack messages, different results and even a difference on the average number of hits it takes to kill that park dog.

We are working on it, we have lots of weapons, it will take some time.

Also we might break something or another, so bear with us as we try to make the game more awesome.

Fricking awesome.
Will the martial arts come... one day?
I'm with this guy ^

Martial arts still needs a bit of coding, but fixing weapons is one less thing from The List
It took me most of my free time in the week but knives are done.

All knives in game should have a proper range of attacks. The number of attacks your character can perform depends on their skill with knives. So better skill means better moves, better damage. They should be working with a proper rate of progression so one will differ from another.

Also not all weapons follow the same path, some are really crappy with little skill and show up better results when you are better trained in them.

Average weapon takes 2 hours to expand and finalize, from the current basic item into proper range of attacks, damage progression and etc.

Now go cut each other in game.

Another great news: [bold]Long blades are done[/bold]

That means bokkens, machetes, katanas and etc...

I'm still not seeing people killing each other with them tho.

When will dildes be expanded with a wide array of attacks?
As said things are still in flux, so if you find something wrong (including typos), let us know.

And yes, I'll do a dildo attack set.

As said things are still in flux, so if you find something wrong (including typos), let us know.

And yes, I'll do a dildo attack set.

Nice! LOL but ya seriousy, Martial arts has been in need of attention for pretty much ever. Weapons always seemed relatively fine to me. Would martial arts basically be left the same in the way skill is invested, or is there potential/desire to have any distinctions?

Furthermore, we are still fine-tuning shit and I still need to do the dildo, but that's a bonus....

Now go kill people...

Your pretty awesome Jinxy. Any way we could contribute? Like far as writing scripts for attacks or some such? I'm all but worthless with most code type thingys.
With melee weapons being done, apart from pointing out typos we would encourage players to:

Report any weird things like:

- Wrong pronouns (swinging a player into the weapon)

- Inappropriate behaviour (slashing with a blunt weapon)

- Feeling overpowered (two hit kill?) or underpowered (10 hits to cut hot butter?)

All weapons that got their attacks fleshed out (20+) will feel waaaaay better than they were. And when I say waaaaay better I mean it. As usual the better you are in a skill the more things you can do with it's weapons, usually deadlier things.

Dildos are done.

As you are all aware, we're fixing, expanding and even creating new weapons. The Sindome arsenal is increasing, we now have fully functional melee weapons and short blades, more long blades, martial arts are finally in and more is to come.

Now, since we're touching all weapons and rebalancing them to make sure there's no FTWOMGBBQ build that owns over everyone we have one special opportunity to actually change how long combat takes.

Now we're not going wild and setting a minimum time or a maximum or anything crazy like that. We can simply set the weapons as a whole to yield more or less damage so combat lasts longer or is shorter. Or we can keep with the same range that is currently in game.

Now what we really want is for you guys to make this choice. There's a poll in the homepage right now for you to vote, let us know what you think.

Everyone should give Jinx a big hug / kiss for taking on such a huge project as this.. it's time consuming but we NEED it.

Thanks Jinx!

It makes me laugh and cringe at the same time when I view the combat scroll and see people get their dicks cut off, eyes stabbed with katanas and faces shot apart by bullets and see them "flee" away to get "healed" up by a doctor with the discretion on adding a scar solely on the player.

I know it has to be that way because SD is still just a game and game's require a balance in order to function.

What I would hate to see is it taking more actual successful hits to drop a player than is already required based on people's condition.

I think if the community would like to see combat last longer I believe the focus should gravitate around making the combat scroll longer via it being more likely to dodge someone who is closer in your skill level and lower the impact of Kamikaze stance since from my experiences it pretty much guarantees you're going to connect more often than not. I've experienced some awesome fights with people missing and parrying and landing a few hits here and there turn into a wall of red as soon as kamikaze goes into effect and it's nothing but equal trade of blows and the highest HP wins.

The problem with evenly matched combat right now is it all boils down to who is magnificent or miraculous... I've witnessed players fight each other where one is magnificent and the other excellent, and that poor excellent conditioned player would fall within a matter of three hits from any high end weapon. This making dodge/parry rolls harder to witness since you have no padding.

That same player dumped a large amount of UE into their endurance and all of a sudden had the same amount of HP and the fight would go either way.

It might be worth taking a look at the balance between being a tank and being a dodgy bastard and we might see a positive effect on engagements before tampering with damage output.

I should add more clearly that at a certain point because of kamikaze, it would APPEAR on the outside that kamikaze renders any level of investment into dodge/agility as having zero return while engaged in combat. Which in turn makes SD a battle of hitpoints.
Those are very good points there. I also think that armor should make more difference than it actually does, but that's just me.
I think a problem with Armor is it takes a particular stat for it to actually do its job and I don't think it's even apparent to most players or even logical for that stat to come into play.... It'd be better if that stat affected the effectiveness rather than the chance to absorb..

That is even if I correctly understand the mechanics behind it right now.

Also to add onto the fleeing and healing thing. It's way too cheap and easy to get almost completely patched up after a fight and be no worse for wear other than some fatigue. Bob the Goat gets beaten unconscious by Ganger Jose, runs to Chow, spends a little bit of chy, and is sitting at the bar drinking with his goat buddies five minutes later with barely a scratch on him.

Perhaps doctors, or at least automated ones, could be set to only heal a much more limited amount, enough to get someone away from the brink of death, but not back up to nearly full HP. And also apply a bonus modifier to speed their healing the rest of the way over natural healing, due to having the injuries properly treated. Then increase the doctor's fees, plus the time it takes to heal when untreated, and getting fucked up in combat becomes a serious affair rather than a mild inconvenience... either it's gonna cost you a good bit of money unless you find a player who's a doc/medic, or you're gonna be weakened for a longer period of time.

The healing mechanic is a bit odd. While lowering the maximum heal and heal price of docs seems to be a nice way to do things, we have to remember that there are moments where no PC medic is around. So this is giving a bonus to everyone in the same timezone of that player. Also every doctor won't get you to full health, it is always less than max, even a PC one.

What happens is that players go out of the clinic with less than 100% health and go to the bar as if nothing had happened is simply bad RP. We can automate a lot of things, but not the player's RP.

You all feared this, and it is true:

Pistols are done

Also expect new pistols in game.

Heads up!

Submachine guns are done!

Also expect new SMGs in the game, one of them got their caliber changed so double check before reloading.


Now there are disposable guns in game.

Cheaper and un-reloadable. The bic of pew pew pew.

Had a thought on the healing being too overpowered. We could add a wait time after each time you get healed. So, say you get your beat down and you run to Chow, or any other NPC/PC doc. You can get stabilized if you need it and healed once. Then you have to wait for an hour or two before getting healed again. Maybe the doctor's skill could affect this in some way, giving more reason to go to PC docs who have boosted up their skills.


That gives me a thought too.

I agree, we can't *automate* the way people RP. But we can *help* them RP by... wait for it... Playing health scripts?

Like drug scripts. Someone mentioned above that players *forget* what condition they're supposed to be in. And players *around* them might not be aware either, if they forget to "look first goat", right?

I don't believe that people are metagaming by ignoring their condition. I think cues, clues and prompts will enhance RP at times when people forget. I've certainly been in this unaware position, myself, 'cause I'm still a combat and injury noob.

Anyone interested to contribute? Let's take it over to the Scripting forum and write some. Like I said, I'm pretty naive about injuries in general and what they actually do to you, so, I'm really hoping players would write some ideas.

health script convo got no business in this thread -- take it elsewhere, I will not respond here.

I have made changes to ensure that disposable firearms can not be dismantled as part of cleaning or unjamming. You'll find you can unjam the simple jams that don't need the toolbelt, but you won't be able to resolve a more complex jam -- the pistol is simply junk at that point. You'll want to be keeping out of the sewers with the disposables no doubt.

Firearms are done. That means pistols, smgs, rifles....
Hi, just a heads up. I've added new rifle "holsters" to the game.




Just wondering if with all the new weapons in game you guys need help writing attack sets for each weapon.

I'll have more than a bit of spare time next week and would be happy to help out.

Well, not right now, since I made them already... But in the future we might need more...
You should make some sort of sneaky weapon, say Garrottes (idk if I spelled that right, the metal strangling wires) and like small blade, maybe silenced guns. It would be neat to be able to hide in the shadows and sneak attack, take um down before they can fight back. But overall, amazing job Jinx
All firearms can be modified with set things. If you have the skill.

So, there isn't a weapon you can buy pre-modded. But you can buy your gun of choice and add a scope/silencer if you so choose.

Sneak attacking is possible as well as strangulation.

But, do you get what Im saying, like a way to attack and grapple, maybe from a shadow, and bring them into it

You can attack someone from the shadows if you are hidden. But you can't drag them off into imaginary shadows yourself.

You can however drag them off down the street to somewhere a bit quieter.

That I know. Ive had that exact thing happen to me before
Attention everyone:

Dogs are now deadlier

That's it for now.

I don't really understand why dogs need to be made deadlier. THere's already been changes made to the economy regarding dogs and now this to me seems just a way to harm newbies and promote the park into an oldbie area.
Dogs attacks did less damage than a butter knife or a pack of cigarrettes in the game. The park was never meant to be a newbie area either.

Dangerous is dangerous, be it with admin puppeting or not.

Wha? Johnny was saying just the other day that the dogs were meant to help get newbies used to combat.
I don't think the dogs got harder to battle they just actually deal damage? You'll have to trust the staff on this one I think.
How does do more damage not equal harder to battle?
'How does do more damage not equal harder to battle?'

If you're not getting hit, they're not harder to battle.

If you were taking a lot of hits, you would still survive essentially forever. Now it'll be less-so.

Or; if you're dying in the park, now you'll die faster.

My interpretation, anyway.
Exactly. No skill was changed on the dogs, just their damage. If they miss you, they'll still miss you.

Please read the thread title "Weapon Fixes" it means every weapon in the game, including animal's natural weapons.


Rats now do more damage

You've been warned and etc... No whining required.

Boo! Cats claws are now sharper.

So many ways to die by rabies!
I fixed some sniper rifles.