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What a Lucky Shot!
Of proficency and skill ... and the lack there of

So, last night, we witnessed a character do something that we know they shouldn't be able to do. This caused us to question a very core part of the combat system. Namely, determining which attacks a character can do perform, based on their skill with a kind of weapon.

Some time ago (1.75 yrs), one of the brave volunteer coders made a change to this bit of code intent on bringing the more flavorful attacks to the top more often. If you were sufficiently skilled enough in an area, you, your victim and all the starry-eyed witnesses would get to see the cooler attacks. At least, that was the intention.

Unfortunately, this brave volunteer made a terrible, terrible mistake and it went unnoticed. It failed to actually check if you were skilled enough to use the cooler attack. In fact, if you weren't skilled enough, it would be more likely that you would get to use the cooler attack.

This had the effect of letting those of you WITH NO SKILL use -every- attack the weapon had to offer.

Now, this code has existed for almost two years, and there have been a LOT of battles in that time. And some of you, I'm sure, think you're OK with a weapon you might have. You may have come out of a battle, hitting your opponent more often than you originally thought possible based on your skill (or lack there of). But the truth is, there was a Guardian Angel of a Bug over your shoulder.

That is no longer the case. I REPEAT - YOU NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO ATTACKS ABOVE YOUR SKILL LEVEL. For each weapon, there is an attack for NO SKILL, and that attack frankly SUCKS, as it should. Those of you with no skill WILL NOW SUCK at that weapon. Please, for the Love of Bob, heed this warning. This applies to PCs, NPCs, Critters and everything. Don't get caught with your pants down in a cucumber & gerbil storm people.

I said it was borked. Didn't I say it was borked? I did y'know... Many times. Wouldn't listen though, would ya? ;)

Now you just need to unbreak the posture system and restore the counter-attack vs kamikaze balance.