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You catch Rychek trying to slip you a mickey...
'plant' is now avalible!

By popular demand, 'plant' has been implemented.
You are now able to 'plant something on someone', but watch out... perceptive people will see you do it!

Basically it's a reverse steal. Works almost exactly the same.

'slip' has been suggested, which is the same as plant except the reciever always sees you do it. I'll let you know when I'm done with that.

As usual, please report any bugs you find when using it with @bug.


Quick Question,  If it works like a reverse steal,  what skill would you be "rolling" against there perception?  Would it be stealth or maybe pickpocket?  I just ask cause as WJF i can see a few uses for this command and I need to know what i'll need to pull it off.  And if it doesn't go be a skill,  what stat or stats/  agility or maybe agility and luck?
Heh, just like a real cop.  Planting evidence on the innocent, isn't there a law against that?
"Planting evidence on the innocent"


(Edited by Murphy at 4:58 pm on Mar. 20, 2002)

Cops don't plant evidence on the innocent....only the guilty that would get off...
I hope you're just kidding.


Hey there's a bunch of people that get away with all kinds of crap.  And if justice needs a little kick in the ass so be it.  hehe
Yeah, they're called judges.


Just kidding.