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You need a Mechanic
well, your car does ...

Those of you out with characters who are gearheads, rejoice. Your skills will soon be in demand.

It is now possible to damage your vehicle in a crash. A vehicle with a blown engine won't start. A vehicle with a busted transmission won't move. A vehicle with a flat tire won't move.

Your mechanic with a properly equipped garage can evaluate the damage to your vehicle, uninstall busted parts and install new parts.

Not yet, but coming: repairing damaged parts, other kinds of parts, integration with motorcycles (they aren't part of this), integrated damage in external vehicle look, coloring body panels.

If you can't move your car, how do you get to a garage?  We gonna have towing?
Already have towing.
Does this mean I can have a rice rocket?
As soon as I make carbon fiber front ends, ground effects for the sides and double-decker spoilers for the back, yesh!
don't forget coffee can exhuast
You also need the subs that can only blare so much noise you and anyone within fifty feet can feel the bass of the song. And it's to the point where you can't even understand the song. Thats a major part of any rice rocket.
Its now possible to repair damage to a vehicle part.
This shit is glorious!!

Now if we can only have burnt out wrecks of cars randomly scattered through the badlands...

Damage that should be visible from the outside of a vehicle now shows up. And you can evaluate a vehicle thats just sitting on the street too.
The parts you put in your vehicle now directly affect it and your capabilities with it.

Engines affect base top speed and fuel consumption.

Transmissions affect control difficulty and travel time.

Tires affect traction when cornering and top speed.

Don't forget to buckle up!

Are more advanced parts more difficult to install?
Of course, hopefully not outrageously so.

Truly outrageous.