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Character Portraits
for you to upload custom work

We plan to add support for uploading character portraits to your web profile pages. This would work much as your website avatar does, just for a larger portrait view. This would let you upload that anime character you've modeled yours on or the custom portrait you've created or had made. I recognize that not everyone is going to use this feature or want to have something custom created.

Do you also want generic cyberpunk portraits for you to pick from when you don't have a custom portrait? Or something more abstract and icon or symbol based so as not to run the risk of the portrait not matching your character?

What do you want with this feature?

Yeah, that sounds like an awesome idea.

Or if you don't have one. Just a random cool image you think reflects your character, or a picture you like.

Is there a problem with connecting your BgBB alias to your character?

*tears of joy*

I was thinking of that idea likesome days ago and then here it is!! That is great indeed. I would suggest the portrait idea more than the icon/symbol one.

But I might be judging wrong here because it's easy for me to get a portait of whatever I want since I can draw it, but it might be more diffcult for others...dunno.

Oh well, offering my opinion was the least I could do

I think he meant the icon one, as an alternative to portraits. So, if you don't have one. Or don't want people knowing who your character is.

Aaah I get people don't hide your chars! I wanna see portraits!

nah kidding, whatever fits to anyone

For those of you who want nice portraits done, Amika (the person who did the holiday banner up there) accepts commissions!

Another thing! As for something I want from this feature, it'd be nice if your ingame description could include a link to your character portrait.

that's good for @profile. I don't want to see an OOC hyperlink just for "look"'ing though.

Actually, I think it would be best if the portrait was not linked from in-game, regardless of location. It's easier for someone to look at a picture instead of reading your description -- which may (or likely /will/) change much more often than a picture.

It's an unhealthy habit in text-based games that we shouldn't let grow. Pictures are good for filling in those blanks, but not as substitutes for a kick-ass description.

well, running @profile on someone in-MOO is already meta, so, to me it would be perfect for the portrait.

Well for me, I think the problem isn't whether or not it's meta, it's if it's easy. Still, I think @profile might work out pretty well.