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Circumvention of Code
Exploiting is against the rules.


It has recently come to our attention that people are circumventing the relatively recent changes to posture shifting.

We added in a delay that made it take longer to go from Guarded, to Defensive, to Neutral, to Offensive then to Kamikaze, a round for each posture.

Some clever players have decided that it is easier to just stop attacking and start attacking to immediately go from Guarded or otherwise to Offensive, and thusly circumventing the coded changes.

This is against the rules. If you are doing this, you are breaking the @rules. If you see someone doing this, you should be xhelping so we can address it. Please xhelp and check with Staff if you think of a way to get around a coded restriction and you aren't sure if it's an exploit.

Your best bet is to let the code do its thing and not try to force results by interrupting the experience.

Thank you.

1.E. Circumventing In Game Code

The game is not perfect and due to either code constraints or database

constraints, we can not always prevent things that would normally be

prevented in the real world. Exploiting these gaps is forbidden. One

example of this would be to spam door codes in order to get access to

a room or area that your character does not know the access code to,

this type of behavior is strictly forbidden. If you have a question

or are unsure what this section covers, please ask an admin for clarification before attempting.

New example of people exploiting code.

Using commands that enable you to get around enhanced vision for the sake of convenience.

e.g, Thermo vision prevents you from seeing people by name, it shows you the environment in a wash of color, and prevents you from glancing at someone's short desc to see them as you would without thermo.

However, there is a command associated with glance that gives you a summary of who is in the room.

Using this command in conjunction with thermo is exploiting a loophole in the code. It should refer to you the colored short-desc results that thermo provides when you use this command, instead it gives you the results that normal vision would give you, allowing you to skip deactivating your thermo.

This gives you an unfair advantage, and does away with the delay experienced in having to toggle thermo on and off to compare your color flushed results with your normal vision.

Please report anomalies like this, it's very demotivational to see players actively abusing/exploiting loopholes found once new code is added to older systems instead of reporting them to us to get them fixed. It's also unfair to the people who are caught out because of your unfair advantage.