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Crate Policy Clarification
Crates. Why they exist and how you should use them.

Hey folks! There has been quite a bit of discussion recently by players about the policy behind crates and how players should be using them. Hopefully, this post will make things clear for you.

First, we'll start with Why we have crates. The Crates system was created as a way for newer characters to earn chyen while they seek out an official job, and then continue earning that little bit more with their poor paying Red Sector jobs while directly helping resupply NPC stores. We always have new characters coming so crates should be a fairly regular thing for them to be doing. Of course, we can find older character running crates as well to earn the little bit on the side, and there's nothing wrong with that either, after all, it helps restock the NPC stores.

Now for the policy about Crates.

The most asked question is how many crates you are allowed to take at the one time and the simple answer is one. You should only be taking one crate at a time. Dropping or stashing a crate to gain another is simply exploiting the way the code is intended to work and will be punished. The crates you are supplied with are heavy boxes full of supplies which you're not going to be able to put in your jacket/trouser pocket and walk around with. "Why don't you make them heavy code-wise?" Well, because then they would be too heavy for new characters to carry (Which is the main people that should be using Crates.)

The only exception to the one crate at a time rule is if your character has a tool to assist in transportation. For example, if you have a vehicle you may carry a crate from the provider and then store it in your vehicle, go back to the supplier, get another crate, store it in your vehicle and then deliver them to their intended drop-off locations. If you have a friend who is willing to help you, then you can collect a crate from the supplier, hand it to your friend to hold, then get another crate and go deliver them. This way, you're including another player in the process and creating some RP for them. Other than that, you are only permitted to take one crate at a time.

Hopefully, this helps clear up some confusion about crates, who should be mainly using them and how you should be using them. If you have any more questions then please, feel free to ask.

Why not one on each hand? So you can RP them stacked atop each others in your hands, they won't be in your pocket and will be visible, thus can be stolen.
I have an idea, what about reusing some code from another area of the game which deletes the item upon storage at a random chance. So that if you try and stash a crate into your jacket, there's a chance of it going up in smoke, even a very statistically high chance. Also why not make it take both hands to carry? To really emphasize it's size. Because the current desc leads me to assume that a sufficiently muscular character could probably put two, one over each shoulder.

Also I rambled a lot in XOOC about crates earlier, and people told me I shouldn't till this thread came out... But can I make a forum thread about potential feature alternatives or additions to crates in the suggestions board? Because the system as a whole is not really... Accomplishing interesting things with the current constraints in my honest opinion.

I don't know how programming the moo works so take it with a grain of salt but...

Can't you put a check on character's inventory so if the character has one crate he can't pick up another? That completely bypasses the weight issue for new characters compared to characters that have invested the UE for carry weight.

And if someone tries to exploit as you said, they just have to leave the crate behind and hope nobody steals it.

My only problem with the one crate approach is for when someone has to go from gold to green. That's more than an hour wasted for a payout that's similar to the other deliveries. I think that needs to be refined else players will simply not run those crates because in most cases they can reach the cap without them anyways, which would create a shortage on green shops.

What would be so difficult about just doing one crate at a time? With the vehicle allowance, you could find a PC driver to help speed things up.
I've made them require two hands now. We're considering making it so they can't be stowed like other large objects.
So, players are allowed to use their private vehicles to transport more than one crate at a time between stores/sectors? I was scolded for doing the exact same thing a month or two back.
Don't confuse private vehicle and your COMPANY'S vehicle.
I got warned not to do it when I had my own vehicle.
You can no longer stash crates too.

To summarize - Requires two hands, cannot be put inside your inventory. It'll be obvious when you're running crates now, so you may want to consider the dangers of your immediate surroundings, and maybe team up and use vehicles, just remember that using vehicles and putting them on the street is a risk itself.