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E-mail your top 3 themely RP experiences
Again, EMAIL only for submissions.

Submissions should be made via email to [email protected]

So! A player and I were speaking today and this player told me that due to OOC restrictions on IC info, players and admin alike have to use very broad, often limiting, language to describe (how, why, when, what) the way something is or is not themely and what could or could not have been done instead.

So what I am requesting from any and all players, active or inactive, is your top 3 most themely role play experiences. No more than 1 page per role play (We're going to have to read all of these after all).

The admin will cherry pick the best or most representative role plays, strip out the IC info, change the names, corporations, gangs, situations (a bit), etc to protect the guilty and then we will open it up to player feedback, either on the boards or in a google doc that everyone is granted access too.

After we get every ones thoughts we'll put the top picks up on the website in permanent fashion. I would like to start out with at least 10 examples that cover as much of the game the game as possible. That means we need submissions from all over including Corpie, Mixer, Judge, Ganger, Exec.

At that point based on the over-all experience, we'll create a thought out policy for keeping the page updated that empowers the players to have the most active role in that process.

In summary, we're create a show instead of tell guide for Sindome's Theme that has it's roots in real RP but the admin will be changing the stories up enough that no real IC info can be gleamed. Please submit your top 3 (thought only 1 or 2 is cool too!) most themely RPs, 1 page or less each.

Everyone has their own RP style and will have their own way of writing up the role play. I have been deliberetely vauge in terms of a deliverable here as I think each of your unique takes on this will be just as, if not even more, important as the themeliness of the experience. Capturing that unique style is important and we will do our best when changing up the details to keep each writers unique style, though please keep in mind this will not always be completely l

In terms of what we want: submit via e-mail something very similar (perhaps a bit more fleshed out) to what you would have @noted had the role play had happened today.


Submit to [email protected]

Limit to 3 RP experiences per player

RP must be at least 1 month old

Must be themely (not just a fun RP memory)

Do Not:

Respond on the Boards with an IC info

Take this to mean it's okay to discuss IC situations with other players OOCly


Not every ones RP will be picked, that shouldn't be taken to mean someone else is better or more themely. All of us can find ways to improve and be more themely. It wont just be the best of the best that make it, we will inevitably have to leave out some very good RP when we have already covered it with another RP. We need to make sure we cover every aspect of the game, but no so many times that it becomes boring or dull to read for a new player.

Thanks everyone, you've all stepped up so much since the town hall meeting and have offered so much support it's almost been overwhelming! I hope this gives all of you that have been chomping at the bit for a way to contribute, a great outlet for your energies!