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Grid 3.0 on SSL Now
Carry on yah filthy bastards

Now that web browsers are being more strict about cookie sharing between secure and non-secure websites, we've had to go ahead and enable secure access to the grid. You'll notice the lock icon looking happier in browsers that show it when you open the grid popup window (and the issue blocking you from using the latest version of Firefox is now resolved.)
Cool thank you!

I know there's a Grid mega thread that we've sort of been guided too. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. Would you all mind if I start one on what small changes might have the most impact? Or should we keep it to the large thread?

We have a ton of feedback about the grid at present and I don't know that we need a bunch more on top of it. Most folks aren't searching before they post to be sure they have a fresh idea, so it just becomes duplicative I think. Mirage has extensive plans and I'd like to see those move forward this year. :)
Okay! Thought I'd ask first and will be really geeked out to see what things you all come up with!