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Large Membership Pads
now available!

Membership Pads are now classified according to how many rooms they have. 3 room pads are now 'Medium Membership Pads' or 'Medium Pads'. 6 room places will be known as Large Membership Pads.

Large membership pads are now an option available to new members and existing members with less than 30 days on their existing membership. The option will not present itself on the membership page if you have too much time left.

The large option will be removed and re-added as limited locations are taken or become available.

This post is miscategorized and should have gone in New Features and Bug Fixes.

In the future miscategorized posts will be deleted.

Will we be notified when more are available or do we need to keep checking the membership page?

I want to renew my membership but was hoping to upgrade - but if I renew then I would miss out on a chance for another 6-12 months.

The last several times it's come up I've seen staff state that large pads will not be available again for the foreseeable future, and that text stating they are options with renewal are an outdated bit on the website.
Quote Glitch @ Townhall:

In relation to perma/large pads, we have no current plans (and I don't see this changing) to release these for further memberships. Some of these will always exist as a result of our original release of perma-pads for donations back in the day however that's not to say that you as a player will not at some point potentially be able to have access to one. What we will be doing over the next six months however is transitioning a large portion of these to faction control after review. They will be available as a result of roleplay and need to be maintained in the same fashion. As I'm sure you can all understand this takes a significant portion of time and it's not simply a switch we can flick.

Thanks guys!