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Performance System Clarficiations
Some confusion has arisen, so clarity here

I got a bug report about the performance system giving bad performance messages for players all the sudden.

I looked into it with a player and discovered a few things that people should keep in mind.

1. The crowd is not specific to a 'performance'. If you perform and stink up the joint, and someone jumps on stage right after you, the crowd is still pissed. This is pretty realistic IMO. Don't have a bad opener.

2. If you get bad performance messages, you should not stop and switch just posing. That's evading the system as it was built. If you are a decent musician, your performance should slowly improve the crowds opinion over time. You just started in a hole with the crowd and need to dig yourself out.

3. The crowd only remembers for a limited amount of time (~20 minutes). If all else fails, and you just saw someone REALLY not do well, and you are following them, find an IC reason to not get on stage for 20 minutes, and maybe do some ambient RP of trying to get the crowd into a better mood. Perhaps by buying a round of drinks (just give the bartender 1000c) or something themely.

Think about it like this, if you've ever seen a comedy show IRL, there is always a veteran comedian who is funny (or at least OK) who goes on in between each comic, ostensibly to introduce them, but also to warm the crowd back up in case someone bombed, so that the crowd is fresh when the next comic comes on.

Consider planning your events with these things in mind!

All this has been added to help performance as well.

(Edited by Slither at 8:17 pm on 10/28/2023)