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Reaped Characters
You can now remove them.

If you've been around the mix a few times, you might have taken a break and come back to find your character has been claimed by the reaper. You find you have to connect as a guest and @register that way to get a new character. Pain in the butt.

Hopefully, this new feature will help.

There is a new 'Reaped?' button on each character listed on the Your Characters page. If your character has been reaped (not just perma killed), you can use this button to remove it from your characters list. This should then let you create a new character from the website.

(Note: don't try to use this if your character just died and you need to roll a new one. You do that in game.)

Awesome! Does this work if you were reaped and already made a new character? (I still have an old reaper character on my character list and it visually bothers me.)

That use case is indeed supported. Remove those old characters. They mess up things like membership renewal and such. :)

Perfect. Awesome, as always! Thanks for the new feature :D.

Tested it and worked great. Thanks for adding this feature.