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Site Update / New Players / Do your part
Minor Site Update, Adwords Campaign, You can help

I have been very busy as of late, with little time to even sign on to the actual MOO.  However, I have updated some text as well as HTML on the website and optimized it a bit for search engines in hopes of driving more traffic to the site, which has the potential to result in more players.

I have also setup a Google Adwords campaign and put $100.00 into it, which also has the possibility of driving more traffic to the site which should result in more new players.

I have also edited some code on guests, so that every five minutes they see the following:

---------------Guest Message------------------
You are currently logged in as a guest.
Some common commands include:
help - Pull up a listing of help topics
look - Look at the current room
look <item name> - Look at something specific.
to <person> <message> - talk to a person
xhelp <message> - Ask an admin for help
@register - Create a real character
----------------End Message-------------------

This should help increase the turn over of guests a bit.


Now, if you would like to help out, I recommend a couple of things.  First, if you see a guest on, find them.  Ask an admin to point you in the right direction if you want.

Help out on chat if someone has a NON-IC question.  if someone asks an IC question, keep it OOC and let them know thats not allowed.

Vote for us on and

Write Reviews of Sindome on and

Link to the Sindome website from your own!  This will drive traffic but also the link will boost our Search Engine Rating.

Tell your friends.

Or, think of more things that can be done to help get more people on Sindome.  The more people, the more fun the game is, even when the GMs aren't around as much.

So if you love Sindome as much (or even less hehe) then I do, show some love in this thread with things that you are doing, hope to do, or that others (including myself) can do to drive more traffic to the website and to the game itself.


I'm constantly trying to attract more people in from my social circle, and I did already put down a vote for SD on Mudconnect.

I'll keep trying. I really, really hope others will too.

I still reckon a ground up overhaul of char-gen wouldn't go amiss, along with a general refresh of the whole first login as a guest to new player experience. It's rough as a bag of knackers and doesn't do the MOO justice, never has.

Hell, I'd even offer to do it if I thought there was half a chance.

Yeah, I was contemplating some kind of tutorial area that allows people to test out commands and learn communication etc.

Chargen itself though, I dunno if I am comfortable messing with that.  There is a lot of code in there that I am not familiar with and it seems like such a large project.

I am open to tweaks to the current chargen if people have ideas, or ways to make it easier, or to make the games learning curve easier..

Y'know what... guests are OOC chars... make their @wow message always display their current location, so players won't need admin assistance to find them.
Hmm.. That's not a bad idea.  Might need to truncate though, since the @wow space isn't that long.. let me take a look.
And done. Guest's wows will now have the name of the room they are in.
Only possible concern is people abusing it, y'know, sneaking around near guests waiting for the beacon to lure people in. Maybe worth having an unwritten rule that shenanigans around guests and people helping them is frowned on.

As for the char-gen thing, build it over time completely separate from the existing system. Once it's ready, get some volunteers and let them have a second account temporarily to repeatedly run through the new char-gen, then be killed and sent back to the start on completion. Once it's refined and the resulting chars fit the current mould, patch it to live play.

EDIT: typos

(Edited by Rastus2 at 6:35 pm on Nov. 8, 2010)

I would like to help in any way possible, both IC'ly and IRL.  I vote when I remember, which I'm pushing myself to try to do more often.  I don't have a personal webpage persay, but if there were some sort of facebook link type thing I'd relay that as often as possible, the reality is the vast majority of my friends don't have the interest or patience to b e interested in any MOO.  

IC'ly I'm working toward putting fourth a presence all over the game geographically speaking, and would invite any prodding or direction on that, I was involved with a spcific NPC to an extent with a GM I don't think is going to have much avaliability for a while so please feel free to contact me in game to fill in the blanks and expand upon that.  I also welcome any additional IRL suggestions as to ways I can help, and am also interested in donating again, but would need to discuss housing options with an admin.

I'm looking for some keywords that we can include in the Google Adwords campaign we have going.

What would you expect people to search for that would lead to conversions (to players).

I already have a bunch, but any input would be great.

I would recommend a change to the description to the game on MudConnect even if it might be dishonest...

Currently on TMC we list the game as having adult oriented sexual content. And TMC (i contacted them) recently released an iPhone app with all the listed moos/muds but cannot list Sindome because of the violation of Apple policy with the desc. of sexual content.

Just food for thought, we'd have more people with access to SD if they could list it in their app.

Quote: from Slither on 2:19 pm on Nov. 15, 2010[br]I'm looking for some keywords that we can include in the Google Adwords campaign we have going.

What would you expect people to search for that would lead to conversions (to players).

I already have a bunch, but any input would be great.

Double-ended dildo donkey punch.

Still looking.