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Upcoming Hardware Move
choas is at its end, long live gondor!

We've begun the complicated process involved in moving to a new hardware host. This means you may start to see 'secondary' systems like the bug system become unavailable as they are moved to the new host. Theres a lot to get working, so I don't know if we'll make the jump this weekend. Eventually the IP addresses for our site and the game will change and you'll find you're on the new server. :)

I will try to keep our new status page up to date with the state of the various systems. Some of our automated 'is it down' detectors aren't working as they should, so I need to do it manually for those I think.

Duly noted.

Some of you have reported that you have gotten reaper notices despite logging into the game. These are coming from the new server. It's got an old copy of the database at present that none of you have been connecting to, so its starting to send those scary emails.

If you're connecting to the game periodically, you'll be fine, your account will not be nuked. :)