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Webclient Output Colors
Dystopia is Pretty!

Those if you who use our webclient (about 1/2 to 3/4 of the player base at any given time) might not know, its got some options you can use to customize your experience.

We've added a new option for colors, letting you pick from some predetermined colorsets:

Normal Colors - our standard colors, good in normal lighting

Not So Bright - dimmed 10%, this is much better if you play in the dark

Switch Bright White/Green - switch bright white and bright green (Slither's preferred way, ask him)

Dystopia is Pretty - a muted, somewhat desaturated theme

You can manage this new option here:

If you don't see the option, scroll down near the options you do see and you should see it scroll into view. After you make the change, you'll need to reconnect from the connection screen, so if you changed this option in a new window, you'll need to close your client window/tab and use the 'Back to Connect' button at the top of the Client Options screen to return to the connection screen and connect with your new options.

Dystopia is Pretty

Not So Bright

Normal Colors

Switch Bright White/Green

This came up on OOC-Chat earlier, so I'm bumping for visibility.