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Website Content Updates
What does the website need?

Staff is looking for a hand identifying website content that could use an update or could be added altogether. With that in mind we want to ask you, the player-base what you'd like to see on the website.

What do you want to see more of? What information is missing that would help if it were website accessible (keeping in mind IC/OOC barriers)? Have you noticed anything that's out of date information-wise?

We'll compile a list from your ideas to help inform upcoming content edits.

Not sure if this is possible with the limited time staff has and because it involves the Grid but it would be super cool if the Withmore Globe articles were connected to the website again. I believe the switch to Grid 3.0 broke that connection?

Also I think the archetype stories that Slither wrote awhile back should be easier to find on here. They are SUPER COOL and a great way to draw new players into the game.

The poll on the front page of the website is over a year old now.

The "Hot Jobs" Section on the front page is fairly inaccurate, with multiples of the same job, and half of it being jobs that you can't even get IC as far as I know.

I find the archetypes page to be very useful for knowing what kind of jobs are out there and available, but I get the feeling it's likely outdated, and could be added to. For example the descriptions for lead art director and principal art director are "gets slightly more pretentious" and "becomes a massive tool". Also I think it would be cool to use that section to be able to see whether those jobs are currently hiring or not, what the pay is, and what company hires them.

The corporations page is out of date with SHI and Skywatch not having merged yet.

The membership page talks about large pads being available, but as far as I know, they aren't anymore. Would like if they were though!

I'd describe the archetypes page as sometimes so disconnected from reality so that it's almost better if new players don't see them (why do so many suggest forensics of all skills?).

My sense is that it's better to avoid even the appearance of officially suggesting skill and stat builds/requirements to players unless the information is inarguably correct.

I would personally prefer it if the lore link took you to the general index.

I would also love it if players were given the ability to edit and delete their own posts on the boards.

I also personally feel the sit's search function could be improved. The search results don't often pull up pages or posts that feel very relevant to me.

Last, if it's decided to keep a web based grid, it would be great if it could detect that I am logged into the site more reliably. As it is I have to sign in and out of the website, sometimes several times, for the grid to recognize that I am logged in. And this might be me seeing patterns where none exist but it also seems like, even after being signed in, the grid doesn't recognize it if I haven't brought up the boards of all things!

I want to be able to add embedded youtube links on the forum :P Simple plugin maybe? But I don't know anything about these things.

I would like to be able to search the timeline. Yes, there are drop down filters, but this doesn't always help me if I don't know what category something is in. This could be fixed if I could just ctrl+F and search the page, but I can't, because as it stands I have to manually hover over every timeline post to expand it first so I can actually do this.

I think the forums could use a little love. Most places let you at least edit your own posts if not delete them. I understand if this was initially done so people couldn't sneakysneak nonsense in, but we live in the future now so China can track it for us and then push sneakysneak ads afterward while linking us with skynet.

This may not be the requests you're after, but if you can fix not having a forum search on the grid, I know the entire dome would rejoice. We had this in the previous version of the grid. Biggest loss with the new grid for sure.

@Papertiger For me, if I just scroll all the way to the bottom of the timeline, Ctrl+F works just fine. I'm on Firefox, it's possible it doesn't work the same way on other browsers.
I'm working on some of these, albeit slowly. Busy life and all + I'm training on all this. That said, the corporations page has been updated to reflect the Skywatch/SHI merger. Enjoy.
The Hot Jobs widget was mad broken and hasn't been updated in years as per Slither, so we chose to remove it altogether. Relevant job postings have been made ICly available since hot jobs was created anyway. Check your local corporate job boards, etc.
Large membership pads aren't opened up as membership option except on extremely rare occasions. Once you have one, you can renew it as per the page instructions.

Because it is so incredibly rare to open these up for membership use, we're going to remove that section from the page altogether. I don't have access to do it though so I'll poke the right people.

I wanted to clear up any confusion about it here though. Hope that clarifies things.

You can already embed videos. Hit share on youtube for example, click embed code, copy it, paste it in your post.
The general index is already available at the bottom of the lore page. You can scroll down there and click to get that juicy list of alphabetized goodness. ;)
The general index is already available at the bottom of the lore page.

Yep. This is exactly how I access the general index currently. The suggestion was for the main lore link to take you to the general index instead of the page it currently links to. It was not my intent to ask how one could get to the general index.

I assume your reply means that staff prefers to not change things but I wanted to be sure as, based on the response, it's quite possible that what I said was misunderstood.


I assume your reply means that staff prefers to not change things


Sorry for the unclear response there @Grey0. Mench confirmed already what you assumed, but I also posted that to let others know the link is available. I didn't know I could (or think to try to) access the index until your idea sent me on an investigation of the lore page. I could've articulated better.

Next up, staff has voted not to re-link Globe articles to the website. We feel this information should be sought after ICly and that putting it on the website circumvents the need for IC tools required to access it.

On the subject of the archetypes page, we agree there's some changes needed and we're working on it.

Thanks for looking into it Logic!