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Website Typos/errors
Helping tidy up!


I want to start by saying that the amount of content and work put into both the website and game are fantastic! That said, I'm new and can't think of a better place to bring some of the missed errors on it to light than the website problem board. I only started keeping track recently, so I have missed some that weren't really eye catching or bothersome I believe, but every little bit helps I'm sure!


On the Timeline page,

2084.5, Genetek Refusal of ICGEM

2084.6, ICGEM is created

It seems clear that these are meant to be reversed in order, but it's not my lore so I may be mistaken.

On the Inspiration page,

In the opening paragraph, an instance of and is spelled ansd. It should be easily ratified by searching ansd in the html/css

Also, the front page still says it's 2104 instead of 2105.

Should we @typo these things in-game?

Great question. Yes, you can use the typo system to submit these!