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~Accepting New GM Applications!~
Do you want to help the game and it's players?

Staff is now accepting applications in search of some new staff to bring on board. The game has grown and so have some of you newbie players, and I'm sure the game would be grateful to have an extra pair of hands as things go. Real life has changed for some GM's so they aren't around as much and leaves an open window for new applicants. If you are interested:

Applicants should email their applicaion to and tell us the following:

- Why you would make a good GM?

- What your free time to GM is (daily, weekly)?

- What your previous/current experience GMing might be?

- What takes up the majority of time in your life (work, school, family, Sindome) and how that might change in 2 years?

- What is your fondest RP memory? (tell us the story here)

Your applications will be shared with the staff and will help them determine who the best fit for the team is. Expect one or three in-moo interviews as the process goes.

~~~~Good luck and we look forward to reading over your application!~~~~

Please tag in your mailing as well please and thank you.

I'm just curious what the closing date is on this?


Renewing the call for GM applications!

Please note, if you're new around here, please wait for our next call for applicants, you're not quite seasoned enough yet.

mail your responses to the above questions to so the whole team can review your application. If you have supporting materials that show why you'd be a good GM, feel free to attach them / link to them too. Prior GMing experience is not required.

*new bump*

We need a daytime Pacific Standard Time GM. Preferably someone with experience with Sindome. The daytime timezone commitment would need to be on a longer term. We have plenty of nightly coverage.

Are you accepting applications from asshats who've been tooling around for like a few months for head GM?

I'm in no way the best person for the job, at all. But if nothing comes up I could try and lend a hand. I like you guys, wanna help.

I'm in no way the best person for the job, at all. But if nothing comes up I could try and lend a hand. I like you guys, wanna help.

I don't know why double-posting keeps happening to me, but sorry.

I'd apply myself! But what is the median experience of moderately useful but mostly self-serving RP experience required to be given much or even a modicum of consideration for master staff member? Mainly what I mean is must the majority opinion remain mired in the past, or may a misunderstood miss from days past be a contender against mister cerberus, the maestro capable of dispensing major misery and self-serving metagaming magnificence?

Maybe. Maybe not.

We aren't looking for a new Head GM we're looking for a new daytime PST GM.

Banned players need not apply.

We're still accepting applications for this position.

Players who have contributed more hours, more money, and more lasting impacts on the IC world than the head GM need not apply.

There aren't many players that qualify under that description, Xenode.

Well I'm sure everyone appreciates donations, I really hope those don't count towards our applications.

Well I'm sure everyone appreciates donations, I really hope you don't think those count toward our applications.

edit because im retarded and forgot a thing

Donations do not count for anything, beyond getting a sweet benefit listed on the donations page. You also get a note from Johnny saying that we got it, if you want to consider that a perk. You also get another [!] in your @stats now saying how much you've donated, and what your last donation was worth if you've donated more than once. Also not really a perk.

I'm a little disappointed how easy it was to have an official response from staff ignore the core point in favor of the easiest target. But I won the bet so I guess I can't really complain.


Don't feed it.

Just apply.

Your core point was insult our Head GM.

Your secondary point, which you apparently think was the main one, is hard to figure out since you were so sarcastic about it. There aren't set in stone requirements for someone to be a GM. You have to achieve majority agreement by the staff, and little else is truly important. Familiarity with the game is probably the most important secondary factor.

Yes, apply. Don't question why the game's rank on TMC has been slipping since they started driving players out. Clearly disgruntled players somehow cast negative votes.

Listen to Linekin, who even after becoming admin still had to be coached by normal players on basic matters of handling certain situations in text RP. The same players he tries to talk down to now (and I say players in the plural because it's all over the boards, not simply me).

If you think my core point was simply to insult Cerb, your reading skills, or perhaps self-awareness of the overall situation, are severely in need of improvement.

Newted players need not apply.

Talk about feeding the trolls.


Ever seen Frozen?

Musical Note:

Let it go, let it go!

Can’t hold it back anymore.

Let it go, let it go!

Turn away and slam the door.

I don’t care what they’re going to say. Let the storm rage on.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

But seriously. Leave them be. They aren't hurting you so why hurt them? They are doing what they have to for their game. It's really none of our business.