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@rules update
2.D Text Rape

The rule forbidding text rape has been updated to be more clear, and to cover many of the questions we get. The new rule, stated here, is also now in @rules.

2.D. Text Rape & Rape RP

Text rape is defined here as any instance in which something explicitly

sexual is directly forced on a character. Rape RP is any RP that revolves

around an instance of text rape, including the rape itself and any

in-character or out of character discussions about it.

Rape RP is against the rules on Sindome. Discussing instances of Rape RP

that took place on this, or other games, by any IC or OOC communication

method is also against the rules. The only exception is to use xhelp to

report violations of the rule, or get clarification from admin.

This means that you should never engage in rape RP, including both

perpetration and discussion, in any location, over SIC, on the grid, or

on OOC Channels. It does not matter if all directly involved have given

their consent to the RP because it’s impossible to obtain OOC consent of

everyone (players & admin) who may witness, hear discussion of, or be

affected by the RP itself.

Avoid this kind of RP altogether and any discussion of RP that may have

happened ICly or OOCly in the past.

Combat roleplay following sex roleplay does not constitute a rule break

under this rule as long as the two events are conducted separately. Sexual

roleplay must be done and over with before combat roleplay can commence for

a clean and clear progression of the roleplay.

The discussion of rape as it pertains to the rules, or the real world is not

forbidden on OOC channels but anyone discussing it should be aware that

it is a volatile topic that can easily upset others. Be respectful and

be prepared to stop discussing it if asked by other members of the


(see also: ‘help rape’ and rule 2.C. above on “Sexual Harassment”)