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[Slither] Office Hours 12/01/18
Question? Comment? Complaint? Coaching?

Hey Everyone -

For a while I've been toying with the idea of having 'office hours' once a month, or every few months (as time allows me). This would be a time when a player such as yourself could come and speak with me about Sindome related things in a 1 on 1 situation.

Possible Topics Include

* Questions about how to approach the game

* Ideas for improvements

* OOC Problems you have witnessed

* OOC Concerns you have

* Constructive Feedback on the game

* Light coaching on the theme & RP

* Plenty of other stuff

At the Town Hall we talk about these things at a macro level but it doesn't leave much time to discuss them individually, or with much of a back and forth.

I've wanted to do this for a while and I think it could be really valuable. I am not setting a specific format or time limit for this first Office Hours day, other than the following.

Basic Office Hour Policy

1. Have some idea of what you want to talk about when you come in

2. There will be a queue.

3. There won't be a time limit per say, but depending on how many people are waiting, and my own time constraints, I may enforce a limit.

4. Unless you specifically ask for the discussion to be private, it will be logged and shared with the rest of the staff.

5. Anyone can come talk with me

6. You can talk to me about anything about Sindome IC or OOC, but our normal rules apply. You aren't getting any IC info :)

7. There is no guarantee that issues you bring up will be seen as issues by me or the rest of the staff and thus, no guarantee anything will change. However, I will happily listen and make sure you feel heard. That's important and everyone deserves it.

So, all that being said... I will be online for much of this Saturday, December 1st. Starting let's say at around 8 or 9AM DST, and until I call it a day. That should be probably around 8 or 9PM DST. So a good 12 hours.

During the day I'll do shouts about office hours being open and how many people are in the queue and such to keep everyone informed.

Hopefully folks find this to be an interesting, accessible way to discuss things with a Senior Admin. I know I am looking forward to it.

Any questions?

-- S

DST as in Dome time, yes?
You're a brave man, Slither.

Really though, I think this is a great idea to get more periodic and granular feedback and keep a finger on the pulse of the playerbase. I do imagine it will take it's toll in attention and obviously time, so kudos for putting yourself out there for this.

I was literally thinking of you and something like this the other day, but I didn't want to bug you outside of Sindome in a 1 on 1 about Sindome, so I'm glad you did this and I'm not surprised at all. Kudos.
Great idea Slither, if you're really available to commit to that I think it would be rad.
I like the idea, thanks!
DST as in Dome Standard Time, yep. So, Pacific Time, in modern day terms.
I imagine Slither's office hours are going to end up like this:
Office Hours are open.
I'm in! Got some things I would love to say.
Sign me up.
Office Hours are now closed. I'm finishing up with my last player of the day. I started early, (6AM DST) and I've gone to about now... (5:30PMish DST). So almost 12 hours! It was super productive with excellent constructive feedback, great questions, and some wonderful takeaways. Thank you all for your feedback, and questions! I had a great time talking with all of you, and as many of you already saw, I've already addressed some of the concerns/feedback that were brought up!

I will plan on doing this again at a future date, and I think a few other senior admin may also be interested in doing it as well. I think the format of a one on one conversation is really unique in our setting, as we don't really have an opportunity to engage in that type of conversation on the game or on the boards very often.

I hope that everyone who took part feels it was worth the time they took! Thanks again everyone!


-- S

Our chat was super helpful. Thanks Slither!
Really appreciate the time you took. Helped me a lot with some niggling questions and plot stuff!
Is this likely to be a thing again? I appreciate Slither has to put a lot into these, but they seem like a rare opportunity to get direct gm insight into improving your rp and the rp of the rp experience of those around you.
*cough* Correction: … and the rp experience of those rp around you.

I duplicated part of that sentence somehow.

*sigh* ...the rp experience of those around you.
I'd love to get in on this.
Agreed, this was really cool and I'd be stoked to see another round if Slither has time. I've been cooking crazy cyberpunk ideas since the last round!
Jumping on the bandwagon! I made massive strides in my enjoyment of the game since my last session and would really be pumped for another opportunity. If Slither has time of course.
I do plan to do another one soon. New job has me really busy. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'm really glad these have helped folks!
Hurrah! Thank you so much, Slither. Can't wait for further details. ^^
I would be interested in a little one on one time. Just to make sure I'm doing the best I can at my role.
Big thanks Slither. I'd been watching some videos of ya big friendly mug (the how to provide rp for other player videos, not something stalkery) and thinking about some weak points in my rp I could really use advice on. Hope you get a chance and look forwards to maybe getting in on one of the meetings.

If I end up with some free time this weekend I will try to do an impromptu one since there seems to be a higher demand for this than last time, maybe knock a few out, but no promises. And regardless I will do a scheduled one so folks can set time aside.