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[Slither] Office Hours 6/6 6AM-12PM DST
Questions, Comments, Concerns, Coaching

Hey Everyone -

This is a time when a player such as yourself can come and speak with me about Sindome related things in a 1:1 situation. I'm making myself available on a weekday (taking a day off work) and at a much earlier time in the day, so that folks who aren't available on the weekend later in the day can have access to me, should they so desire.

Possible Topics Include

* Questions about how to approach the game

* Ideas for improvements

* OOC Problems you have witnessed

* OOC Concerns you have

* Constructive Feedback on the game

* Light coaching on the theme & RP

* Plenty of other stuff

At the Town Hall we talk about these things at a macro level but it doesn't leave much time to discuss them individually, or with much of a back and forth.

I've wanted to do this for a while and I think it could be really valuable. I am not setting a specific format or time limit for this first Office Hours day, other than the following.

Basic Office Hour Policy

1. Have some idea of what you want to talk about when you come in

2. There will be a queue.

3. There won't be a time limit per say, but depending on how many people are waiting, and my own time constraints, I may enforce a limit.

4. Unless you specifically ask for the discussion to be private, it will be logged and shared with the rest of the staff.

5. Anyone can come talk with me

6. You can talk to me about anything about Sindome IC or OOC, but our normal rules apply. You aren't getting any IC info :)

7. There is no guarantee that issues you bring up will be seen as issues by me or the rest of the staff and thus, no guarantee anything will change. However, I will happily listen and make sure you feel heard. That's important and everyone deserves it.

So, all that being said... I will be online for much of this Thursday, June 6th. Starting at 6AM DST, and until 12PM DST.

During the day I'll do shouts about office hours being open and how many people are in the queue and such to keep everyone informed.

Hopefully folks find this to be an interesting, accessible way to discuss things with a Senior Admin. I know I am looking forward to it.

Any questions?

-- S

Would a question like,

How am I doing with Notes?

Or the even more general,

How am I doing?

Be an acceptable thing to bring up to office hours?

Sure, but that's also a question you could xhelp and discuss with a GM outside of office hours.
I thought that would fall under misuse of xhelp... I'll definitely run that past xhelp then. And think of better questions.
Thanks to everyone who attended office hours this time around. For the three of you who were in the queue when I ran out of time, I will endeavor to reach out to you when we are both online and find a time to chat!
Is there any hope of another round of this, Slither?