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[Town Hall] '21 RP Award Winners
So meny winnaurs

Thanks for voting and well done for winning!

Best Pose'r

1st - Owens

2nd - Alivia

3rd - Joshua and Tamar

Best Accent

1st - Dizzy

2nd - Owens, Daclan, and Grimm

3rd - Jaheim

Most Themely Corpie

1st - Dethrow

2nd - Niko

3rd - Joshua

Most Themely Mixer

1st - Dizzy

2nd - Owens

3rd - Mark, Zukhov, and Armand

last place - Niko with 1 vote

Quickest Wit

1st - Dethrow

2nd - Niko and Owens

3rd - Dizzy and Seren

Best Described

1st - Alivia

2nd - Aurelie

3rd - Tamar

Cooperative Competition

1st - Crashdown

2nd - Beandip

3rd - Dizzy, Holychrome, JMO, Logan, Majere_draven and Pcow

Most Intimidating

1st - Niko

2nd - Dethrow

3rd - Aurelie

Best In Moo

1st - Niko

2nd - Owens and Zukhov

3rd - Joshua, Dethrow, and Picot