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1.G UE Spongeing [RULES UPDATE]
New rule on UE spongeing

The Sindome @rules have been updated after a vote by the admin to add a new rule specifically outlawing UE spongeing.

1.G UE Spongeing

Logging in to a character with the sole intention of collecting UE is against the rules. Upon detection your account will be stripped of all accumulated UE (regardless of if it was earned by spongeing). If the admin do not believe you are here to legitimately RP, your account may be banned entirely.

You can read the rule in @rules as well.

-- S

Some people raised some issues about this so let me clarify:

1. This is just us putting down specifically, that UE spongeing is against the rules. That doesn't mean it was not against the rules before. We have other rules that already covered this, we are just calling it out specifically now.

2. It's never been OK to idle and gain UE. In fact, idling does not grant you UE. If you are idle when the UE is granted, you are NOT given UE. It has always been like this.

3. And using timers or something to get around the idle check is already automatically detected and flagged to admin and has been for years and years and years.

4. However, if you are not online during the time UE is granted, but you WERE online during the UE period, you WILL be granted UE if you were on for more than a few minutes.

5. Connecting and disconnecting just to get some UE is also against the rules and we also automatically detect that and warn players when we see them doing it. If it continues (it almost never does) the player is put in the $void where they cannot get UE. Some of you can attest to this I'm sure.

6. This rule is not intended to punish people who have schedules that involve them being online but not out and about RPing ALL the time. If you are actively playing the game, and roleplaying, we don't care if you spend some time in your cube just SICing, or if you are idling because you got busy at work or with life or cooking dinner. You know the risks of being online, and you accept them by staying connected.

7. This rule is specifically in place so that everyone understands what will happen when we detect someone NOT playing the game and JUST hoarding UE so that a year in they can come out of the coffins like billy bad ass and wreck shit. No one wants that.

8. Rule changes are made because we want to improve the game, or be more clear about what the rules actually are. There is nothing for anyone to freak out about unless you are spongeing up UE without RPing.


-- S

Excellent. Well done, Slither.